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Campus to celebrate ‘Topping Out’ of new Moore School building

A Topping Out ceremony for the new Darla Moore School of Business building will take place at 4 p.m. Monday, Feb. 4, on patio of the Koger Center for the Arts, across from the construction site. Faculty and staff are invited to attend the ceremony, which recognizes the completion of the structural phase of the building and the move to the enclosure phase of the project.

A beam, signed by Moore School students, faculty and staff as well as university officials and construction workers will be on Greene Street and will be raised into place at the ceremony. On the beam will be a Pindo Palm tree, representing growth and good fortune, the apex of the project and symbolizing one of the building’s iconic features, a Palmetto Court.

The program will include brief remarks by President Harris Pastides, Board of Trustees Chairman Eugene P. Warr Jr., Moore School Dean Hildy Teegen and Jeff Lamberson, director of campus planning and construction. A reception will take place after the ceremony.

The $106.5 million building is the most ambitious construction project to date for university. Building plans incorporate features for earning LEED Platinum, with aspirations of earning a Net-Zero rating, meaning that the building will generate as much energy as it consumes.

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