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School of Music

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Welcome to the USC Trumpet Studio

The USC trumpet studio provides its students with excellent training and the necessary expertise which are fundamental for a successful career in music. Our graduates have gone on to pursue graduate degrees at well-known Universities and Conservatories, careers in music education, freelancers in various cities around the world and members of symphony orchestras and top military bands.

The School of Music offers a wide variety of performance experiences such as the symphony orchestra, chamber music (brass quintet, trumpet ensemble), wind ensembles (3), jazz ensembles, and marching band, to name a few. The USC Trumpet Ensemble is very active in the community and traveled to Italy (summer 2014) for performances, masterclasses and workshops. Travel to Mexico for a performance tour is also in the planned for the summer of 2015!

Typically, the trumpet studio will have anywhere from 15-26 students at any given time (the fall 2014 enrollment is 26). The studio is a mix of undergraduate and graduate students that interact on a daily basis. Weekly lessons are given, along with an hour-long weekly masterclass. The masterclass will encompass performing, guest artists, sectionals, extra trumpet ensemble rehearsals, and many pedagogical topics by Professor Ackley and the students of the studio. The trumpet ensemble meets for 1 1/2 hours each week, giving many students that much wanted "face time" with the professor and a true hands-on approach. Lessons will focus on the development of fundamentals, pedagogy, literature, and musical concepts.

Please take a few moments and check out the pages in our studio website. You will find audition information for undergraduate and graduate degrees, a studio calendar of events, and other information for your perusal.  If you have any further questions or would like to visit the trumpet studio here at USC, please feel free to contact professor Ackley.

Thank you for visiting the studio website. I hope to see you at your audition or a concert very soon!

James Ackley,
Prof. of Trumpet

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