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Arnold School of Public Health

Graduate Degree in Athletic Training

A new option for advanced study in athletic training is here. The master's degree in advanced athletic training is designed to provide students advanced preparation in the field of athletic training. Admitted students must possess an undergraduate degree with specialization in athletic training.

Master of Science in Advanced Athletic Training

The master's program is what is called a “post-professional program-” you need to already be a certified athletic trainer to enroll. The program itself is like a medical residency; you will have increasing control over the decisions that you make as it progresses. You might even mentor students from the bachelor’s program as part of your training, and you will make your own clinical decisions at the end, finishing with a data-based research project similar to a thesis that graduate students in other fields work on. For more information about specific curriculum requirements, please visit the academic bulletin. Also, check out the specific application deadlines and requirements