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Education Abroad Office

Education Abroad Fee and Refund Policy

Education Abroad Fee

The University of South Carolina Education Abroad Office charges the $150 Education Abroad Application Fee to provide essential professional support services to UofSC students participating in University-related education abroad programs, as well as parents and UofSC faculty and staff. Students must pay the non-refundable application fee in order to submit an application to participate in an education abroad program. This fee supports the expense of maintaining an online application system and covers the staff time required to review applications. The fee also provides critical funding for the functioning and operations of our office so we can provide the services described in detail below. Given the impact of the fee on the Education Abroad Office’s ability to support high-quality programs and provide extensive services to students, the fee is refundable in limited circumstances only as outlined below.

  • Risk Management
    Review education abroad programs for compliance with standards of good practice to ensure students’ health, safety, and security.
  • Evaluate risk and security of potential programs to ensure travelers’ health and safety and to manage the liability of the  University following appropriate selection and approval process, in compliance with university guidelines and policies.
  • Monitor and assess current partner programs to provide on-going risk assessment and management by monitoring health, safety, and security issues.
  • Ensure enrollment of student and faculty participants in CISI international insurance coverage.
  • Monitor safety and security issues abroad and respond to student emergencies abroad.
  • Maintain contact as needed with all students abroad and providing support in case of an emergency.
  • Provide Global Classroom leader risk management workshops to share best practices for risk management and provide support to students in the event of an emergency abroad.
  • Develop and distribute comprehensive Global Classroom Handbook, which provides appropriate response guidance for a wide variety of group and individual emergencies.

Program Development & Logistics

  • Develop, implement, and administer safe and accessible programs around the world that meet the high standards for academic quality of the University.
  • Work closely with faculty and staff to develop and implement UofSC faculty-led programs, allowing UofSC courses to be taught across the globe.
  • Maintain relationships with international and U.S. based partners who provide educational opportunities for our students.
  • Negotiate and manage MOUs, exchange agreements, and contracts with partner institutions and organizations.
  • Continuously monitor and work to improve our programs.

Program Administration

  • Develop and maintain a single database of program information, student application materials, and emergency contact information and itineraries for all participants.
  • Process contracts and travel for UofSC Faculty who lead Global Classrooms.
  • Manage departmental and affiliate scholarships, coordinating with a variety of departments and campus partners including the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid.

Student Services

  • Assist students and the University community throughout the education abroad process.
  • Advise students from all colleges on their particular learning goals, over 1500 education abroad programs, and all phases of the education abroad process.
  • Process and review of over 2000 applications per year, submitting information to host institutions and organizations.
  • Provide pre-departure orientation for every student to prepare them for their experience abroad.
  • Enroll students in study abroad courses, ensuring continued enrollment at UofSC while they are abroad.
  • Work with offices across campus such as Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid, Registrar, Bursar, and others help to facilitate the education abroad experience for as many students as possible.
  • Collaborate with Registrar to facilitate the transfer of credit once students return to campus.

Refund Policy

The Education Abroad Office incurs costs from the time that a program is in its development stage as staff time and office resources are required to support the development, implementation, and management of all programs.  As a result, the fee is refundable in select circumstances only.

Student Withdrawal: Should a student opt to withdraw from their education abroad program, the fee is non-refundable.

Application Denial: Should a student’s application be denied by the Education Abroad Office (e.g. because there is not sufficient space in a Global Exchange program or a student’s higher risk travel plan is denied), the fee is refundable or transferrable to a new program within the same term.  Should a student’s application be denied because the student does not meet the eligibility requirements for the program to which they applied, the fee is non-refundable.

Program Cancellation: Should a student’s selected program be cancelled prior to the student’s departure,
the fee is refundable according to the following schedule:

  • Program cancelled prior to application deadline: $150 will be refunded
  • Program cancelled between application deadline and departure date: $75 will be refunded.  $75 is non-refundable as the EAO incurs costs from the planning stage of the program onwards.  The student may transfer the full $150 fee to another program within the same program type and academic year as outlined below.

Program Switches: Should a student opt to change to a different program within the same academic year and same program type (e.g. switching from one Global Partner to another Global Partner), the fee is transferable.

Should a student opt to change to a different program in a different program type, the fee is not transferable or refundable unless the student is switching because they were denied placement in a Global Exchange program due to lack of space.

Term Switches: Should a student change to a different term within the same academic year within the same program type, the fee is transferable.  Should a student change to a different term in a different academic year, the fee is not transferable or refundable.







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