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Education Abroad Office

Develop an Exchange Program

Continuing to diversify and expand the range of exchange program options for students is imperative. Prior to initiating a new exchange program, a number of factors must be considered in order to ensure that the exchange partnership will be truly viable, that students will find the location appealing and that the academics and student services provided by the host institution are strong. 

Factors to Consider

It is important to not only develop exchanges, but to ensure in advance that the exchange will have long-term success. The Education Abroad Office will discuss these questions with you during the exchange development process:

  • How does the institution's academic calendar fit with UofSC's calendar?
  • How does the curriculum compare to UofSC's academic offering?
  • What is the language of instruction?
  • Are there restrictions regarding areas of study for exchange students?
  • What services does the host institution provide visiting UofSC students? 
  • What other exchange partners does the potential host institution have in the US and abroad?
  • What types of housing are available for exchange students, and how much support is provided to students in terms of securing housing?
  • What is the campus culture and local community like?
  • Where is the host institution located and does UofSC already have existing partners in this region?
  • What crisis/risk management protocols are in place for handling exchange student emergencies?
  • Overall, to what degree would this exchange program appeal to UofSC students? Based on education abroad statistics reports, could we expect this program to be popular with students? 

If the proposed exchange appears to have potential for UofSC students, we will work with you and the international office of the host institution to move forward with drafting an agreement. Exchange agreements follow the standard Global Carolina process for international agreement approval. 

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