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Education Abroad Office

Hitotsubashi University

Area: International Business Exchange
Location: Tokyo
Country: Japan
Term: Spring

UofSC's exchange program at Hitotsubashi University is designed to expose International Business students to Japanese business practices, life and culture. The program is located in the Kunitachi ward of Tokyo, part of Japan's capital city. Located just outside of the city center in the western part of the metropolis area, Kunitachi is located along a historic route which connected two prominent settlements which date back centuries.

At Hitotsubashi University, students will take classes in English under the Hitotsubashi University Global Education Program. All students are also able to take courses through this program, so UofSC students have the chance to interact with Japanese students and other international students. Students with more advanced Japanese language proficiency may enroll in regular courses taught in Japanese.

Category: 1, no foreign language proficiency requirement, all courses taught in English

Cost: UofSC resident tuition rates + in-country costs

Requirements: junior standing; International Business major

The cost of living in Tokyo is very high, and students should budget accordingly. Students who plan to live on-campus should expect to pay roughly ¥16,100-19,900 a month for their accommodation, which may include weekday meals. Students are required to pay a ¥10,000-¥12,000 maintenance fee with their first month's rent, but there are no charges for deposits or keys. All costs are estimates and may fluctuate based on the exchange rate. 

Students typically enroll in six classes per semester to earn a total of 12 credit hours. Classes are usually worth two credits. Two-credit courses meet once a week for a 90-minute lecture over a 15 week long semesters. To see courses UofSC students have taken at this university, please reference the Registrar's Course Equivalency Table

Students can apply for Student Commuter Passes for both the train system and bus system in Tokyo once they arrive. Student-run activities are very popular at Hitotsubashi University. There are over 50 non-sporting clubs at Hitotsubashi University. These range from an orchestra, photography club and film study club to a tea ceremony club.

Students are required to subscribe to the National Health Insurance provided by Hitotsubashi University at the cost of roughly ¥15,000 a semester. Students enroll in the plan once they arrive in Tokyo. This is in addition to the required UofSC insurance.

Per university policy, all UofSC students will be charged emergency medical, evacuation and repatriation insurance for their time abroad. Contact the Education Abroad Office for more details.

Hitotsubashi University has two residence halls for exchange students; Residence Hall Kunitachi on Kunitachi campus and Residence Hall Ikkyo-Ryo on Kodaira campus. Exchange students are given priority to reside in a single room of either one of the residence halls with a common area to be shared with residents on the same floor. However, not all exchange students are guaranteed a room due to limited availability. 

The spring semester starts in early-April and runs through the end of July. 

Hitotsubashi University provides exchange students with a one-day, on-site orientation approximately one week before classes begin for the semester. Students will receive a handbook that outlines important details and resources for living and studying in Japan.

All students must have a valid entry visa in order to study in Japan. You can begin the visa process once you have received your Certificate of Enrollment from Hitotsubashi. 

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