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Education Abroad Office

Institute for American Universities (IAU)

Area: Global Direct
Location: Tangier
Country: Morocco
Term: Summer
Website: IAU Tangier

IAU offers a summer study abroad program in the historic city of Tangier, Morocco. Positioned on the northern tip of Morocco, just 8 miles across the Strait of Gibraltar from Spain, Tangier has served as an important gateway between Europe, Africa, and the Arab world across the centuries. Tangier's status as an international port city and an economic hub of Morocco draws cultural visitors and business interests alike.  Students studying in Tangier will experience firsthand the diverse cultural history of Morocco and its complex identity and society through academic excursions, site-specific learning, and the opportunity to engage with the local community through participation in service learning.

The program is held on the University of New England's newly constructed campus in the heart of the city and has been specifically designed to support study abroad for students in the sciences. The campus boasts state-of-the-art lab facilities, including an organic chemistry lab, microbiology lab, and neuroscience lab. Additional campus resources include residence halls, sports facilities and exercise gym, library, study spaces, and a cafeteria.

Cost: IAU tuition rates + in-country costs

Requirements: minimum 3.0 GPA

Students will pay IAU directly for the program fee. Extra fees may be associated with certain courses that have additional requirements. This program fee will include tuition, housing, daily breakfast/dinner (homestays only), activity fee, textbook rental, orientation, health, liability and repatriation insurance, excursions, and scheduled cultural activities. Additional student costs include round-trip airfare, lunches, and personal expenses. There are many IAU scholarships that you can apply for to help offset these costs.

UofSC students will receive the following automatic discounts for IAU programs:

  • SEMESTER PROGRAMS: 22% off tuition (except Tangier, Morocco program: 10% off tuition)
  • SUMMER PROGRAMS: 15% off tuition
  • VIRTUAL EXPERIENCES/INTERNSHIPS: 20% off tuition (semester, summer) 

UofSC students who receive Federal Pell Grants will receive the following automatic discounts:

  • Pell Grant Plus Program – In an effort to encourage socioeconomic diversity in study abroad and expose more undergraduate students to international academic experiences, IAU will award a $3,000 grant to Federal Pell Grant recipients to be used for any of its on-site semester programs and a $650 grant to Federal Pell Grant recipients to be used for any of its on-site short-term programs (summer and January term).
  • Please submit the following form to the Office of Admissions in order to confirm your eligibility in the Pell Grant Plus Program. Students must have full-time student status at IAU, partake in demi-pension housing, and be currently enrolled in an undergraduate degree program to be eligible. Kindly note that students would not be eligible for other IAU scholarships or grants by receiving the Pell Grant Plus.

Programs include: STEM courses, Social Sciences, and Foreign Language

Summer courses can be found HERE

To see courses UofSC students have taken at this university, please reference the Registrar's Course Equivalency Table

IAU offers its students in Tangier various opportunities to explore and connect with their host community. 

Per university policy, all UofSC students will be charged emergency medical, evacuation and repatriation insurance for their time abroad. Contact the Education Abroad Office for more details.

Students in Tangier will be housed in student residence accommodations. The residence halls are spacious, modern and well-appointed, built in a modern style that reflects the famous architecture of Morocco. Students can expect to share their room. In the residence halls, students will have access to a cafeteria, study spaces, and a fitness and studio space.

IAU's summer session in Tangier runs for 8 weeks. 

Orientation takes place shortly after incoming students arrive and is designed to help them become familiar with their new environment. Students are introduced to one another, to IAU and to Tangier. They meet with the Housing and Academic Directors and with the staff. During this period, the academic policies of IAU are explained and information is given about housing, cross-cultural adaptation, safety and security, and banking options. 

US students studying in Morocco for less than 90 days will not need a visa. 


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