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Education Abroad Office

Kansai University

Area: Global Exchange
Location: Osaka
Country: Japan
Term: Spring, Fall, Academic Year
Website: Kansai University


UofSC's exchange program in Japan is designed to expose UofSC students to Japanese life and culture. The program is located in Osaka, Japan's third largest city with a population of over 2.5 million people. Located on the coast of Osaka Bay, the city is surrounded by mountains on three of its four sides. Known as the "Venice of the East" for its network of canals, Osaka is considered by many the gourmet food capital of Japan. Students can sample traditional sushi as well as the more exotic cuisines of the region such as Takoyaki, pan-fried batter cake and octopus dumplings.

Kansai University is located approximately one hour from downtown Osaka. At Kansai University, students will study Japanese language and culture while also participating in a wide range of extracurricular activities with Japanese students. All courses are taught in English with the exception of the Japanese language courses. Students with more advanced Japanese language proficiency may enroll in regular courses taught in Japanese.

Cost: UofSC resident tuition rates + in-country costs

Requirements: 3.0 GPA, 2 or more semesters of college level Japanese courses

Students on exchange pay in-state tuition directly to USC and do not pay tuition to Kansai. All housing, food, and personal expenses are paid by the student in Osaka. Kansai recommends that students budget approximately 100,000 yen per month for living expenses. To get an idea of ​​life on site, you will find on the numbeo website indications on the cost of living in Japan compared to other countries in the world.

Students typically enroll in Japanese language courses as well as module courses. To see courses UofSC students have taken at this university, please reference the Registrar's Course Equivalency Table

While attending Kansai University, students receive a discount on travel by train and ship from Osaka. Kansai also organizes two trips throughout the year for students to learn about Japan. Student run activities are very popular at Kansai University. Students can participate in over 100 clubs including soccer, baseball, judo, karate, swimming, orchestra, tea ceremony, drama, flower arrangement, calligraphy, and Chinese cultural studies to name just a few.

Per university policy, all UofSC students will be charged emergency medical, evacuation and repatriation insurance for their time abroad. Contact the Education Abroad Office for more details.

Students are guaranteed housing in shared dormitories with Japanese and international students. There are two international dorms for where students can live with other international students from around the world as well as Japanese students.

The Fall semester at Kansai University begins in mid-September and runs through the end of January. UofSC students can coordinate with their professors to take exams and return home in December. There is a two month spring break before the Spring semester which starts in early-April and runs through the end of July. 

Orientation consists of a two-day field trip to visit culturally significant locations throughout Japan.

All students must have a valid entry visa in order to study in Japan. 


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