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Education Abroad Office

Vienna University of Economics and Business

Area: International Business Exchange
Location: Vienna
Country: Austria
Term: Spring

The UofSC exchange program in Austria is designed to expose students to the life and culture of the Austrian people. Despite the fact the majority of the population (92%) is German-speaking,Austria is culturally and ethnically diverse including six officially recognized ethnic groups: Croats, Czechs, Hungarians, Roma/Sinti, Slovaks and Slovenes. Students will attend the Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU), located in the capital city of Vienna and situated along the Danube River. The WU is over 100 years old with a student population of 20,000. International students account for about 20% of the total number of students. 

Category: 1, no foreign language proficiency requirement, all courses taught in English

Cost: UofSC resident tuition rates + in-country costs

Requirements: junior standing; International Business major

Students should prepare for the following costs in Vienna, in addition to USC tuition: €450-€650 a month for housing, €220-€300 a month for food and personal expenses, €75-€160 a semester for public transit, €15-€30 a month for utilities, €50-€150 a month for entertainment, and €75-€150 a semester for books. 

Students typically take 30 ECTS  which is equivalent to 15 US credit hours. During the semester, German business-related language courses are offered at six different levels. German language courses are also offered two weeks prior to the start of the semester for an additional fee. Students with advanced level German may also enroll in standard university courses with local and other international students which are taught exclusively in German. To see courses UofSC students have taken at this university, please reference the Registrar's Course Equivalency Table

Exchange students can join the Erasmus Buddy Network. This program pairs exchange students with a local student to help with logistics such as airport pickup, dorm key pickup, city tours and campus tours. Additionally, the Erasmus Buddy Network organizes trips around Europe for an additional cost.

Per university policy, all UofSC students will be charged emergency medical, evacuation and repatriation insurance for their time abroad. Contact the Education Abroad Office for more details.

Students can choose to live in residence halls or in shared apartments with Austrian students or other international students. Students pay in-state tuition and fees to USC. Housing costs are paid to the WU and vary based on the type of accommodation chosen, which can be arranged by the Austrian Ex-change Service. The cost for student accommodations typically ranges from €450 to €650. On-campus housing is guaranteed for exchange students.

IB majors will attend WU in the spring semester from February to the end of June. More information about dates and deadlines can be found here.

Exchange students at the WU are required to attend a Welcome Session. Additionally, two weeks prior to the start of the semester, the WU offers an optional Orientation & Cultural Program for an additional cost which includes excursions and company visits. During these two weeks, students can also attend intensive German language courses at all levels. Both are strongly recommended for exchange students. 

Students that plan to attend the WU for a semester or academic year are required to apply in person for a student visa through the Austrian embassy in Washington, D.C. for SC residents. Out-of-state students should refer to the Embassy page for their appropriate consulate or embassy. 


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