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International Student and Scholar Support

Address Change

Please follow the directions below if you need to update your address. 


How to update your “Student Current Address” in SSC:

1) Visit  Self Service Carolina
2) Under the “Students” tab, click on “Sign in to Self Service Carolina (SSC)
3) After signing in, click on the “Personal Information” tab
4) Click “View Addresses and Phones”
5) Click “Update Addresses and Phones” link at the bottom of the screen
6) Click on the “Current” link next to “Student Current Address,” and enter your current, local address in
South Carolina. The “Student Current Address” field is for your residential address in SC only. If for
some reason you are currently living in another state, please contact ISS to explain your living situation.
Please do not enter a non-US address in this field.

Address Fields
***Please refer to the following guidelines if you are not sure how to properly fill out the “Student Current
Address” update form:
1) Valid From This Date: MM/DD/YYY

  • Enter the date on which you moved to your current local, address in Columbia, SC. If you’re not sure of the exact date, just provide an estimated date.

2) Until This Date: MM/DD/YYYY

  • You can leave this field blank for now. When you move to another US address, you can re-visit your account and enter your move out date in this field. You would then add another “Student Current Address” entry to show your updated address.

3) Address Line 1

  • Enter the street number and street name of your local address in SC.

4) Address Line 2

  • If you live in an apartment building, you can enter your apartment number in this field

5) Address Line 3

  • You can probably leave this field blank. Only use this field if you’re unable to fit your entire local address in the first two address lines.

6) City

  • This will most likely be Columbia, Cayce, or another town/city close to USC’s main campus.

7) State or Province

  • Enter South Carolina in this field.

8) Zip or Postal Code

  • This field should auto-populate after you have entered your address information into the first few fields. If it does not auto-populate, you can use Google to look up your street address and find the appropriate zip code.

9) County

  • This will most likely be Richland if you live in Columbia or possibly Lexington if you live in Cayce, Lexington or West Columbia. Again, if you’re unsure, you can use Google to look up your street address and find the appropriate County.

10) Nation

  • Since you’re entering a US address, you can either enter “Not Applicable” or “United States.”

***If you currently live on campus and have a campus P.O. Box, please list the street address of your
dorm in Address Line 1 and the name of your dorm (i.e. Maxcy) in Address Line 2. You can include your
P.O. Box information in your “Campus Box Address.”

Other “Address Type” fields in SSC:

  • Billing Address – Address where your USC tuition/fees bills should be mailed to
  • Emergency Contact – Address of the person you’d like USC to contact in case of an emergency
  • International Address – Your permanent address in your home country
  • Parent/Guardian/Next of Kin Address – Your parent/guardian/next of kin’s address
  • Student Current Address – Your local address in South Carolina
  • Campus Box Address – This is your campus P.O. Box address field. This field is intended only for students who currently live on-campus.
  • Student Permanent Address - Your permanent address in your home country. Please do not enter your SC address in this field unless you are in the process of applying for Permanent Residency in the US.

***We only need you to update your Student Current Address with your local South Carolina address at
this time. If you’d like to update the additional “Address Type” fields, however, please feel free to do so.

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