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International Student Services

14 Day Self Quarantine No Longer Required

14 Day Self-Isoloation No Longer Required For All International Travelers.

Updated 8/17/2020: International travelers are no longer required to self-quarantine for 14 days upon arrival to the United States. Please review the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)for tips on how to prevent the spread of COVID after traveling.

International Student Services (ISS) recommends that students visit the CDC website to learn more about self-quarantine in order to make appropriate arrangements for arrival to campus.


1. What is the difference in requirements for students living on-campus vs. off-campus?

Type of Student 14 Day Quarantine Required? COVID Test Required? Additional Information
Living on-campus Quarantine Not Required. COVID Test Required.  For more details about COVID testing for students living on campus, please see the Housing website. Complete this form if you need airport pickup assistance. Reach out to Chris Reid at if you have questions.
Living off-campus  Quarantine Not Required. COVID Test not required but highly recommended.   For more details about COVID testing, see the Student Health Services Website. Complete this form if you need airport pickup assistance. Reach out to Chris Reid at if you have questions.

2. Where can I find out additional information about precautions to take after international travel?

Please visit the website for the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) for guidelines on self-quarantine.

3. I have an immunization hold on my account. How can I have this hold removed so that I may register for classes?

For new students arriving on-campus in person, International students should immediately make an appointment with the Center for Health and Wellbeing student health center to complete their immunizations/TB requirements. Students arriving in cohorts (i.e. EPI, IAP, and exchange students) will make their immunization visits in small groups based on scheduling by Global Carolina.





4. Is a COVID negative test required prior to travel?

No, a COVID test is not required. It is highly recommended. Information about entry to the U.S. here: However, if a student can provide proof that they have either previously had Covid-19 or documentation for a positive antibody test, a student may be able to reduce the time required for their self-quarantine. Please contact the Center for Health and Wellbeing  to provide this documentation.


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