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International Student Services

Changes to ISS Office Services

Our Main Door will be kept closed. The ISS Office Staff is available to assist you in this new normal. Please know this semester all ISS office staff will be rotating in-person office presence, and on campus in a staggered schedule.  

  • Advising/Immigration Questions: All advisingwill be hosted through online chat, Microsoft Team, or in-person only if absolutely necessary 
  • Work Authorization Applications: All OPT, CPT, academic training, and other work authorization applications will continue to be accepted by email at 
  • Office Visits: We will be available for visitors, by appointment only, starting August 10. 
  • Document Pick-up: Starting Tuesday, August 18, students are welcome to pick up documents every Tuesday & Thursday, during these hours: 10:00am-12:00pm and 2:00pm - 4:00pm.  
  • Immigration Questions: At this time, all students must schedule an appointment with a specific staff member through email at least 24 hours prior to the intended appointment time. You can find staff contact information here. 
  • Employment Letters/ Signing Forms: Please submit request all documents to be signed, by attaching a PDF or Word Document Copy via email to We will print the letter and sign it. You can pick it up during our document pick-up hours. For Fall 2020, ISS is offering document pick-up days on Tuesdays and Thursdays, 10am-12noon, and 2-4pm, starting August 18. Students can come pick up their signed letters on the following document pick-up day following the date of submission. i.e.  If a student emails their letter on Wednesday by 5pm, they can pick up on Thursday. If a student submits their letter on Thursday, they can pick it up on the following Tuesday.

We will provide additional details about how to schedule appointments with ISS advisors in the days to come. In the future, ISS may start to utilize appointment scheduling software, so stay tuned! We will also continue to offer as many online chat hours as possible to make sure we fully support all our students. 


How to make an in-person visit to ISS 


Check-in Before Entering 

Before entering the ISS office all students will be required to schedule an appointment in advance. Once you arrive to attend your appointment, please check-in on the iPad. The iPad will be located outside the front door, and you will need to enter your appointment information, your name, and answer a few key questions. You will wait for someone to come get you from either the 480 Conference room, or the space outside the ISS doors.  

Look Down and Follow the Signs 

We have added signs on the floor and along the hallways of the fourth floor of Close-Hipp. As soon as you come on the floor, please take notice of the floor directional signs, the 6-foot distancing signs, and the wall signage indicating where to check-in, wait, or enter. 

Waiting Area Has Been Moved 

After you check-in on the iPad, informing the staff member you have arrived for your appointment, please wait outside the office. All students should wait in the conference room 480 or right outside the entrance of the ISS office in the limited seating provided. Meetings inside the office will be limited, to be cautious and prevent the spread of COVID-19. 

Reminder About 14 Day Quarantine 

Any international student entering the U.S. from an international location is subject to a 14 day self-quarantine period, per CDC guidelines. ISS has created a list of Frequently Asked Questions on our website. Please read these before you arrive to campus.  
International students entering the U.S. should follow appropriate CDC guidelines concerning this issue. International students are encouraged to check the COVID-19 Update Page on a regular basis for details on how to get tested for COVID upon returning to the U.S. 

Prayer Room Temporarily Closed 

The prayer room outside the ISS office due to the COVID-19 spread. However, space has been made available in Russell House. The new location and times available will be shared soon. 



What You Need to Know About COVID-19 

Please read the official COVID-19 guidance pageto learn about how to monitor your symptoms, about face coverings, washing your hands, keeping physical distance, getting a COVID-19 test, and new social gathering criteria. More information here. 


Wash Your Hands Often 

Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.  Additional hand washing stations [map] have been set up around campus. 

Face Coverings 

The university is requiring face coverings to be worn at all times when inside all campus buildings, unless you are in your own residence hall room, private office or are eating. Other locations may be added as conditions warrant. Students and employees should carry a face covering of their choice to use on campus. Face Covering Guidelines  

Keep Physical Distance 

Avoid crowding in elevators. Take the stairs when feasible. Physical Distancing Guidelines  

Get Tested, Report Your Symptoms 

The University of South Carolina expects all students, faculty and staff members to be tested for COVID-19. Student Health Services Diagnostic Testing  

Monitor Your Health 

If you are sick, stay home. If you test positive for COVID-19, call 803-576-8511 to report your positive status to the university and for medical guidance. Also, call the university’s Environmental Health and Safety office at 803-528-8191. COVID-19 Basics  

Meet Online When Possible 

Convene meetings in ways that allow for physical distancing and the inclusion of anyone joining remotely. Group Gatherings Guidelines » 

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