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Leadership and Service Center

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Service Leadership

If you are ready to take your community engagement to a higher level, consider becoming a service leader. Your leadership is a key ingredient in making service opportunities possible.

The following service leadership opportunities require a one-year commitment.

Leadership Opportunities

If you have questions about Peer Leader opportunities, please contact Derenzo Thomas.

Alternative Break Leaders are given the opportunity to plan an alternative break around a certain social issue theme that is important to them during Fall, Winter, or Spring Break. Leaders are expected to attend trainings and meetings listed below, submit proposals and information in a timely manner, complete office hours, facilitate nightly reflections on nights of the trip, prepare educational and preparedness materials for the trip volunteers, be able to trouble shoot, critically think, and have great communication skills. 

Community Service Ambassadors have the great opportunity to select a local agency with which they will serve 50 hours within the Fall Semester while engaging with a cohort of peers in a service curriculum. Community Service Ambassadors are expected to attend training and cohort meetings, collaborate with their local agency of choice, serve as an ambassador of the University, and maintain consistent communication LSC staff.

Site leaders are expected to exhibit professionalism through timeliness, respect, and active listening; great quality of work through attention to detail, accepting feedback with a positive manner, and taking initiative to lead while on site; critical thinking and communication skills through seeking multiple solutions before asking a question and communicating with staff and fellow site leaders actively and appropriately; and be accountable though attending 6 of the 7 Service Saturdays, 5 of the 6 Bi-Weekly Meetings, and the All LSC Peer Leader Training, checking the site leader GroupMe during site days, and leads icebreakers and reflections thoughtfully and intentionally.

The Big Event Executive Team is expected to collaborate and communicate amongst each other and the LSC staff regarding The Big Event’s progress. All members of the Executive Team are required to attend the following events:

Executive Director (2)

The Executive Director is responsible for planning the years events and organizing all staff through supervision of each executive position to ensure work is being completed efficiently, timely, and professionally. The Executive Director will report directly to LSC staff as well as delegate responsibilities, act as a problem solver and mediator, and support their team members.

Assistant Director 

The Assistant Director will work alongside the Executive Director to ensure all executive team members are completing their tasks efficiently, timely, and professionally. The Assistant Director will report to LSC staff and the Executive Director as well as aid in the training and encouragement of the executive team throughout the year.

Communications Executive

The communications Executive will be responsible for overseeing the communications team, managing The Big Event website and social media platforms, and communicate with external media sources before, during, and after The Big Event.

Campus Outreach Executive

The Campus Outreach Executive will be responsible for scheduling meetings with campus organizations, coordinating marketing on campus, incentivizing The Big Event participation, and coordinating Team Captains.

Community Outreach Executive

The Community Outreach Executive will be responsible for developing community relations and contacts, partner with USC neighborhood relations to promote The Big Event at neighborhood association meetings, promote project registration in multiple capacities, and organize and run site leader meetings.

Alumni Engagement Executive

The Alumni Engagement Director will serve as a main point of contact for interested alumni, produce and distribute the Alumni Expansion Packet, as well as support alumni chapters in their service project identification.

Project Checks Executive

The Project Checks Executive will be responsible for being the immediate contact for all projects that have registered for The Big Event, schedule and oversee project checks on a rolling basis, provide support to all site on the day of The Big Event, and take an active role with the Director of Community Outreach throughout the Fall Semester.

Logistics Executive

The logistics Executive will be responsible for coordinating booking of external vendors including but not limited to t-shirts, stage, food, sound, and kickoff, coordinate with the Director of Finance for vendor payment, create a plan for the day of The Big Event, and create a specific plan for volunteer check-in and waitlist.


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