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Leadership and Service Center

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Service Leadership

If you are ready to take your community engagement to a higher level, consider becoming a service leader. Your leadership is a key ingredient in making service opportunities possible.

The following service leadership opportunities require a one-year commitment.

Leadership Opportunities

If you have questions about Peer Leader opportunities, please contact Blair Layman at 

Alternative Break Leaders are given the opportunity to plan an alternative break around a certain social issue theme that is important to them during Fall, Winter, or Spring Break. Leaders are expected to attend trainings and meetings listed below, submit proposals and information in a timely manner, complete office hours, facilitate nightly reflections on nights of the trip, prepare educational and preparedness materials for the trip volunteers, be able to trouble shoot, critically think, and have great communication skills. 

Mandatory Dates:

  • Trip Planning: May – August (remote)
  • All LSC Peer Leader Training: August 17th 1-5pm
  • Weekly meeting with staff advisor based on your schedule

Dates based on specific trip:

  • 2022 Fall Break – October 13th-16th 
  • 2023 Winter Break - January 2nd-8th
  • 2023 Spring Break March 5th-11th 

CLEAT Team Members are expected to collaborate to promote enhanced, year-round non-partisan civic education and action on the USC campus. The CLEAT team envisions and plans initiatives to cultivated deliberation, enhance civic liberty, and increase voter engagement.

      Mandatory Dates:

  • LSC Peer Leader Training: August 18th 12-5pm
  • Constitution Day –Friday, September 17th
  • National Voter Registration Day – Thursday, September 28th
  • Bi-Weekly CLEAT Team meetings based on collective availability

Statement of Nonpartisanship:

The Leadership and Service Center’s involvement in civic engagement is a nonpartisan effort. Our initiatives are meant to encourage informed and active participation in government, increase understanding of public issues, and create a culture of civic education and advocacy. The Leadership and Service Center does not support nor oppose any candidates for office or political party. As a center we recognize that it is unlikely for individual members of our team to be entirely nonpartisan with their personal views. Despite this, we find strength from this diversity of opinions and thoughts, rather than weakness. To balance our political ideologies, we intentionally select students from across the political spectrum in hopes of representing everyone.

Community Service Ambassadors have the great opportunity to select a local agency with which they will serve 50 hours within the Fall Semester while engaging with a cohort of peers in a service curriculum. Community Service Ambassadors are expected to attend training and cohort meetings, collaborate with their local agency of choice, serve as an ambassador of the University, and maintain consistent communication LSC staff.

Mandatory Dates:

  • LSC Peer Leader Training: August 17th 1-5pm
  • Time serving at site TBD by volunteer & site supervisor  

Executive Board members are expected to communicate and collaborate amongst each other in order to fulfill duties as needed for the overall access of the Gamecock Pantry for university members. Each position has unique responsibilities and expectations (explained below) that contribute to the overall success and access to the Gamecock Pantry. All members of the Executive Board will be expected to attend the following meetings and trainings:

              Mandatory Dates:

  • Spring Transition Meeting
  • LSC Peer Leader Training: August 17th 1-5pm
  • Service Cohort Meetings: Tuesdays 6-7pm
  • Weekly Executive Board Meetings
  • Pantry Pal Training

Executive Director

As the overseer of all operations and conduit to professional staff the Executive Director will work collaboratively with the LSC staff, monitor other executive board members, and ensure all objectives are reached in a timely manner.

Director of Outreach & Education

As the teacher, advocate, and expert, the Director of Outreach and Education will take lead with advocating for the Gamecock Pantry and educating the community both on the pantry as well as food insecurity on and off campus.

Director of Operations & Logistics

As the backbone, brains, and problem solver, the Director of Operations and Logistics will be solely responsible for managing and maintaining the day to day functioning and systemization of the Gamecock Pantry.

Director of Communications, Marketing, and Media

As the face, voice, and customer satisfaction representative the Director of Communications, Marketing, and Media will solely run and maintain all social media and communication for the Gamecock Pantry

Volunteer Coordinator

As the organizer, trainer, and staffer, the Volunteer Coordinator will recruit, train, and supervise all Pantry Pals and outside volunteers for the Gamecock Pantry.

Donations Coordinator

As the sales, inventory, and distribution person, the Donations Coordinator will be responsible for creating and maintaining donations partnerships, asking for donations when in-need, and coordinating pick-up and drop-off of donations.

Garden Manager

The Garden Manager will be responsible for overseeing the Carolina Community Garden at Preston Green. Responsibilities include managing the application process for gardeners, tending to gardens, and communicating with gardeners.  

Site leaders are expected to exhibit professionalism through timeliness, respect, and active listening; great quality of work through attention to detail, accepting feedback with a positive manner, and taking initiative to lead while on site; critical thinking and communication skills through seeking multiple solutions before asking a question and communicating with staff and fellow site leaders actively and appropriately; and be accountable though attending 6 of the 7 Service Saturdays, 5 of the 6 Bi-Weekly Meetings, and the All LSC Peer Leader Training, checking the site leader GroupMe during site days, and leads icebreakers and reflections thoughtfully and intentionally.

Mandatory Dates

  • LSC Peer Leader Training: August 17th 1-5pm
  • Bi-Monthly Site Leader Meetings
  • Service Saturdays 

The Student Leadership and Diversity Conference (SLDC) is an opportunity for students and staff from institutions across the Southeast to network and explore important issues in diversity and student leadership. With access to more than 30 educational sessions and keynote speakers, SLDC trains and educates participants in:

  • Essential leadership skills for a diverse society
  • Developing a leadership identity
  • Creating initiatives and methods to foster sustainable positive change
  • Maximizing their student leadership experience

The SLDC Planning Committee consists of professional staff representation from the Office of Multicultural Student Affairs and the Leadership and Service Center as well as 2 student Peer Leaders

Responsibilities: To be shared with student co-director

  • Assist in the planning of SLDC attending regular committee meetings.
  • Work with a professional staff member to research keynote speaker options and create recommendations for the committee and other stakeholders to consider.
  • Alongside a professional staff member or graduate assistant, coordinate conference logistics which could include food, giveaways, or other areas of need.
  • Oversee student volunteer program through selection, volunteer training, and day of logistics.
  • Create and implement a marketing plan to create awareness of the conference and lead to registrations of USC students.
  • Represent the planning committee on the day of the conference through serving as an emcee and as a host to keynote speaker(s) and/or other university officials.

Mandatory Dates

  • LSC Peer Leader Training: August 17th 1-5pm
  • SLDC Planning Meetings: TBD
  • SLDC 2022: TBD

The Big Event Executive Team is expected to collaborate and communicate amongst each other and the LSC staff regarding The Big Event’s progress. All members of the Executive Team are required to attend the following events:

Mandatory Dates

  • LSC Peer Leader Training: August 17th 1-5pm
  • Executive Directors and Assistant Director will also attend Lead Team Meetings – based on availability

Executive Director (2)

The Executive Director is responsible for planning the years events and organizing all staff through supervision of each executive position to ensure work is being completed efficiently, timely, and professionally. The Executive Director will report directly to LSC staff as well as delegate responsibilities, act as a problem solver and mediator, and support their team members.

Assistant Director 

The Assistant Director will work alongside the Executive Director to ensure all executive team members are completing their tasks efficiently, timely, and professionally. The Assistant Director will report to LSC staff and the Executive Director as well as aid in the training and encouragement of the executive team throughout the year.

Communications Executive

The communications Executive will be responsible for overseeing the communications team, managing The Big Event website and social media platforms, and communicate with external media sources before, during, and after The Big Event.

Campus Outreach Executive

The Campus Outreach Executive will be responsible for scheduling meetings with campus organizations, coordinating marketing on campus, incentivizing The Big Event participation, and coordinating Team Captains.

Community Outreach Executive

The Community Outreach Executive will be responsible for developing community relations and contacts, partner with USC neighborhood relations to promote The Big Event at neighborhood association meetings, promote project registration in multiple capacities, and organize and run site leader meetings.

Alumni Engagement Executive

The Alumni Engagement Director will serve as a main point of contact for interested alumni, produce and distribute the Alumni Expansion Packet, as well as support alumni chapters in their service project identification.

Project Checks Executive

The Project Checks Executive will be responsible for being the immediate contact for all projects that have registered for The Big Event, schedule and oversee project checks on a rolling basis, provide support to all site on the day of The Big Event, and take an active role with the Director of Community Outreach throughout the Fall Semester.

Logistics Executive

The logistics Executive will be responsible for coordinating booking of external vendors including but not limited to t-shirts, stage, food, sound, and kickoff, coordinate with the Director of Finance for vendor payment, create a plan for the day of The Big Event, and create a specific plan for volunteer check-in and waitlist.


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