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About Student Government

Student Government’s mission is to empower the students at the University of South Carolina to achieve, discover, and excel in everything they do through innovation, cultivating meaningful relationships, and celebrating the rich tradition we share as Gamecocks. We are here to identify, address, and advocate for students' needs, concerns and interests.

A Brief History

Since 1908, Student Government has had a distinguished history at the University of South Carolina.  During the first years of the University of South Carolina, student life was dominated by the campus' literary societies. In later years, officers were elected to lead each academic class. Today, Student Government consists of four executive officers (president, vice president, speaker of the student senate, and treasurer), the president's cabinet, a senate, a freshman council, a constiutional council, an elections commission, a communications team, three lobbying agencies, and the members of university committees. 

Current Leadership

The executive cabinet serves as an advisory board to the student body president and is comprised of students seeking to better the university through their particular areas of concentration.  

Position Name Contact Information
Attorney General   Rebecca Fisher  
 Secretary of Academics Sarah Noonan 
Secretary of Alumni Relations Julia Vogel 
Secretary of Athletics Sierra Stewart 
Secretary of Campus Outreach Jenna Wilson
Secretary of Carolina Life Samantha Greenway 
Secretary of Community Relations  Sheila Lynn 
Secretary of Government Relations Zechariah Willoughby 
Secretary of Greek Affairs Jack Lind
Secretary of Health and Wellness  Payton Ramsey 
 Secretary of Inclusion and Equity Reylan Cook 
Secretary of Safety and Transportation  Maia Porzio 
 Secretary of Student Services Ben Harris 
Secretary of Sustainability Mckenzie Coon
 Secretary of University Relations  Uriah Chapman 
 Secretary of Veterans Affairs Bobby Herpel 

The Senate is comprised of 50 Senators and 10 committees. Each committee is headed by a committee chairman assigned by the speaker and approved by the Senate.

The Senate has the opportunity to pass legislation in all non-academic fields. Legislation addresses issues ranging from the dispersal of funding to university administrative policy. All UofSC students are encouraged to voice their opinions by attending Senate sessions, by submitting suggestions through the Suggestion Box, or by applying to be in Senate.

The Student Senate meets at 5:30 p.m. on Wednesdays in the Senate Chambers on the third floor of the Russell House.

Toneia Douglas

Alex Hunter 

Neil Brandon Patrick

Raphael Ofendo Reyes

Emma Gaskins
Patrick Holt Greene

Grace Marie Gunter

Miriam El Geneidy 

John David Jacobus

Sheila Claire Lynn

Morgianna McDevitt

Sawyer McDuffie

Sooyeon Oh

Emma Scott

Ryan Dabbs 

Quin Carolina

Claire Outz 

Elizabeth Hendrickson

Sierra Stewart

Katherine Zeller

Sara Hamilton

Anna Dunbar 

Riley Phillips

 LeAnne Davison

Naja Hough 

Riley Rodgers 

 Dylan Malik Butler

Tiara Hebron 

 Katia Livas 

Jenna Cameron

Deandre Janell Davis

Jackson Andrew Hornsby

John Arthur Lind

Morgan McDonald 

Michelle Long 

Asaru Buffalo 

Kamryn Phlegar 

Dea Skenderi 

Mariah Cochran

Claire Windsor

Nicholas Prieto

Whitney Garland

Molley Lynn Jenkins


The Comptrollers serve as the financial advisors to student organizations, assisting them in their understanding of relevant paperwork, deadlines, budget preparation processes, and the allocation and funding processes. They also assist the student body treasurer in ensuring that student organizations have all the resources needed to voice their desires for funding.

Name Email Address

Sam Courson
Chief Comptroller
Zak Phaturos 
Todd Thomas 
Juliana Drechsel 
Andrew Crawford 
Sarah White 

The Student Government Communications Team serves as the foremost advisors to the Student Body Executive Officers on communications, media relations, public relations, and specific policy stances. The team consists of graphic designers, photographers, videographers and more that help promote Student Government programs and initiatives through external communications. Follow student government at @UofSCSG on all social media platforms.

Director of Communications: Aidan Baker

Constitutional Council (CC) is the Judicial Branch of Student Government. Consisting of four Associate Justices and one Chief Justice, the Council maintains the Student Government Codes and Constitution, and interprets them when there is a dispute on their meaning. The CC can also resolve internal disputes about the governing documents of student organizations.

Chief Justice: Robert Carthcart III
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