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Postal Services

Stamps & Supplies

We provide for the customer needs of our university community by stocking mailing supplies and maintaining forms from the U.S. Postal Service.

Mailing Supplies and Special Service Forms

You may obtain mailing supplies, forms and labels from our offices or online at USPS (enter "postal store" in the search box). Mailing supplies and Special Service Forms printed from the U.S. Postal Service website are not acceptable for processing mail to be charged back to departmental accounts.


Postage Quick Cost Savings Tips

  1. Use #10 business envelopes to send first-class mail whenever possible
    This may be accomplished by simply folding documents, which will help avoid postage surcharges incurred on larger “flat” envelopes. These savings are immediate and can be substantial. (2-oz. #10 business envelope rate=.70 cents vs. 2-oz. large flat envelope rate=$1.15)

  2. Designing and mailing custom envelopes
    Departments that may design and mail custom envelopes should review USPS mail piece design specifications in advance of the envelope creation so as to help avoid costly USPS surcharges and also help maximize department postage cost savings. Get more information at USPS.

  3. Large Mailings in excess of 200 pieces
    Departments planning large mailings in excess of 200 pieces that are not time-sensitive may realize cost savings by using the standard (bulk) mail services provided by the university's Printing Services. For more information call 803-777-2244.

  4. Large flat envelopes
    Departments that are planning to mail large “flat” envelopes may now maximize postage savings. Recently the state contract mail vendor has offered us the ability to meter flat mail at select presort rates. Department mailings in excess of 500 pieces that meet the flat mail piece qualification may now realize significant and immediate cost savings compared to the full rate first-class postage.

  5. USPS criteria for flat mail eligibility

    • Large envelope must be rectangular
    • Maximum dimensions: 12” high  x  15” long  x  ¾” thick
    • Envelope must be uniformly thick and not rigid

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