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Hit the highlights from Discover USC 2024

Discover USC grows in attendance and impact yearly. This year we are so excited to boast over 2,750 attendees and a variety of outstanding presentation award winners. Thanks to the participation and efforts of every volunteer, reviewer, mentor and visitor, the event generated awareness of the excellent research scholarship happening at USC and celebrated the hard work of undergraduates, graduate students, postdoctoral and medical scholars from across the entire USC system. 


Undergraduate Student Awards

There were 102 reviewed poster presentation sections for undergraduate student presenters at Discover USC 2024. Download the Undergraduate awardees list (pdf) to view the award recipients from all these competitive groups. Congratulations to all 2024 undergraduate awardees.


Graduate Student Awards

For graduate students, there were 26 poster sections at Discover USC 2024. Congratulations to all 2024 graduate student award recipients.

Poster award winners
Poster Session  Winner
A Jessica Gonzalez, Executive Healthcare Leadership
B Vedant Khandelwal, Computer Science
C Bailey Heath, Mathematics
D Ademar Fernandez, Geological Sciences
E Alannah DiCintio, Biologicial Sciences
F Nana Ama Boateng, Psychology
G David Wolfer, Nurse Anesthesia
H Anna Chupak, Health Promotion, Education and Behavior
I John Gilliam, Exercise Science
J Courtney Wright, Biomedical Science
K Tianchu Lyu, Health Services Policy and Management
L Charlita Earle, Teaching and Learning
M David Horovitz, Biomedical Science
N Jacob Watson, Psychology
O Chathurangi Shyalika, Computer Science
P Nathalia Cocenza, History
Q Amy Ballou, Nursing Science
R Raymond Bogdon, Biomedical Science
S Ashley Cobb, Music Education
T Carly Vincent, Biomedical Science
U Dakshu Jindal, Health Services Policy and Management
V Emily Mason, Genetic Counseling
W Kareem Chambers, Biologicial Sciences
X Mohammad El Loubani, Mechanical Engineering
Y Xuanxuan Zhu, Epidemiology
Z Nolan Foreman, Biomedical Engineering


Medical Scholar Awards

There were 13 awards given to medical scholar presentations at Discover USC 2024. Congratulations to all 2024 medical scholar award recipients.

Basic Medical Sciences
First Place Haakim Waraich, Medical Student, USC School of Medicine Columbia
Sex Dependent Differences in Cholinergic Signaling and Amygdalar Anatomy in a Mouse Model of Fragile X Syndrome
Second Place Sergei Alexeev, Medical Student, USC School of Medicine Columbia
Reduction in contact forces and muscle activity with reduced weight running on the anti-gravity treadmill
Third Place Olivia Gary, Medical Student, USC School of Medicine Columbia
Ang II induces phenotypic changes in vascular smooth muscle cells through elevated levels of O-GlcNAc
Case Reports/Small Series/Learning Innovation
First Place Sarah Hall, Medical Student, USC School of Medicine Columbia
Chase Gauthier, Research Fellow - Orthopedic Surgery, USC
Effective Treatment of Insertional Achilles Tendinopathy with Zadek Osteotomy, Independent of X/Y Ratio
Second Place (tied) Kendall Stalls, Medical Student, USC School of Medicine Columbia
Enhancing Medical Education Through Clinical Skills Simulation Events

Mattie Kennedy,
Medical Student, USC School of Medicine Columbia
Lithium-induced hypercalcemia after discontinuation of lithium therapy: A case report
Populations Outcomes/Quality
First Place Milap Patel, MD, Pediatrics Resident, Prisma Health–Midlands
Consistency is key: Improving clinical documentation for developmental delay during the 6-months-old to 36-months-old well-child check visits
Second Place (tied) Ryan Richardson, MD, Family Medicine (Columbia) Resident, Prisma Health–Midlands
Impact of Social Determinants of Health (SDoH) on Hypertension Control in a Family Medicine Residency Clinic

Muhammad Sohab Arif, MD, MPH, General Surgery Resident, Prisma Health–Midlands
Role of Cholecystectomy in patients admitted with acute gallstone pancreatitis with concurrent cholangitis, a Nationwide Cohort Study
Therapeutic Effectiveness/Efficiency
First Place Brianna Beldon, PharmD, Pharmacy Resident, Prisma Health–Midlands
CharLeigh Steverson, Pharmacy Student, USC College of Pharmacy
Predictive Value of MRSA Nasal PCRs in Skin and Soft Tissue Infections in Children
Second Place Jake Crocker, PharmD, Pharmacy Resident, Prisma Health–Midlands
Real-World Effectiveness of Dalbavancin for Invasive Gram-Positive Bacterial Infections
Third Place (tied) Abbie Blunier, PharmD, Pharmacy Resident, Prisma Health–Midlands
Therapeutic Drug Monitoring-Guided Linezolid Dosing for Management of Serious Gram-Positive Bacterial Infections Requiring an Extended Duration

Christopher Rogers, PharmD, Pharmacy Resident, Prisma Health–Midlands
Assessment of a Hepatitis C Treatment Program in a Family Medicine Resident Clinic


Postdoctoral Scholar Awards

For postdocs, there were two poster presentation competition sections at Discover USC 2024. Congratulations to all 2024 postdoctoral scholar award recipients.

Poster Presentation Award Winners
Postdoctoral Scholars Morning Poster Session 
First Place Christian Unger 
Estrogen and its Receptor in Male Liver Glucose Metabolism: A Balancing Act in Diet-Induced Obesity 

Mentor: Angela Murphy
Second Place Rohan Gupta 
Integrative Bioinformatic Analysis of Diagnostic and therapeutic Markers of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorders and Associated Comorbidities 

Mentor: Mitzi Nagarkatti
Postdoctoral Scholars Afternoon Poster Session 
First Place Taylor Carter 
Delta-9-Tetrahydrocannabinol Attenuates Macrophage Differentiation through Downregulation of Intra-Cellular Reactive Oxygen Species 

Mentor: Mitzi Nagarkatti
Second Place Junlin Ou 
GPU-Enabled Path Planning based on Global Evolutionary Dynamic Programming and Local Genetic Algorithm Optimization

Mentor: Yi Wang



26 April 2024

Discover USC, Sponsored by the Office of the Vice President for Research

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