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  • Margot Parrott

Alumni Spotlight: Margot Parrott

B.A. Theatre and Speech
Her lifelong career in theatre began with a "curtains up!" at USC.

Margot Parrott graduated from the University of South Carolina in 1985 with a Bachelor's degree in Theatre and Speech and is in her third decade of working professionally in theatre education and administration.

Margot’s theatre performance and production experiences at USC were many and varied, from being part of an all female ensemble in “The Club” – a musical in which all the women played the roles of men, and Margot was given a man’s haircut to fit her character – to singing with “Carolina Alive” for two years, and having the opportunity to take trips overseas.

But while performing was a key part of her experience at USC, Margot credits the faculty for her solid grounding in the theatre arts: “I remember my advisor, in particular, as incredibly talented, honest, and a great instructor. It wasn’t always easy to hear her feedback, but it was always valuable.”

I can laugh now, but it wasn’t too funny 25 years ago when I got a man's hair cut for a theatre role I was playing during junior year.

And the great friendships she made at USC continue to this day: just this past spring she enjoyed a fun reunion with her performance classmates. Margot was also in Kappa Delta sorority where she made many lifelong friends as well.

Today, Margot continues her love of performing arts working as the Arts Administrator at Children’s Theatre of Charlotte, ImaginOn. She has held a variety of positions for ImaginOn and is currently responsible for negotiating all royalty contracts for the theatre. In addition, she serves as the performance coordinator for their touring company, the Tarradiddle Players.

Good theatre requires passion, skill, and attention to detail – things that Margot Parrot learned in Columbia over 25 years ago, and practices in Charlotte today.

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