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Gold nanoparticles fight neurodegenerative diseases by helping neurons survive, according to USC and Clene Nanomedicine research

New research conducted by chemists at the University of South Carolina shows how nanoparticles of gold could help fight neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer's Disease, Parkinson's Disease, and ALS.

Professor's mentorship inspires biology graduate fellowship

More than 40 years ago, a biology professor asked his graduate student Richard Youle to gather seeds and nuts from the University of South Carolina campus and local grocery stores.

USC exhibit highlights Latinx history and impact in South Carolina

Narciso Gonzales, with his brothers, founded The State newspaper in 1891. Narciso's fiery op-eds led to his death, but he went down in history as one of the greatest journalists in South Carolina history. This story and more is part of an exhibit at USC during Hispanic Heritage Month.

Mungo Graduate Teaching Award: Micky Myrick

It takes a lot of work on the part of chemistry professor Micky Myrick to give students the individualized attention they need to succeed. But it’s true to form for the 2023 Mungo Graduate Teaching Award recipient — because when it comes to teaching, Myrick does whatever it takes.

Heterodox Academy aims to cultivate free, open debate on campus

From both sides of the political spectrum, the social space for spirited dialogue and debate has been steadily shrinking for years. A new group on campus hopes to expand the conversation.

Alumnus opens the door for tech careers in Charlotte and beyond

A 2013 graduate of the University of South Carolina, Pasha Maher has spent more than half a decade developing the Stiegler EdTech program, which provides training and a clear pathway for people from underrepresented communities to enter technology careers.

Mungo Distinguished Professor the Year: Northrop Davis

Northrop Davis, a media arts professor who teaches TV and screenwriting, along with manga, the Japanese art of cartooning, comics and anime, is the is the winner of USC's top teaching award for 2023.

USC graduates dive deep and discover dream careers at Riverbanks Zoo

Seven Gamecocks were on the frontlines of the March opening of the Darnall W. and Susan F. Boyd Aquarium & Reptile Conservation Center at Riverbanks Zoo & Garden. With degrees ranging from advertising and public relations to biology and marine science, these University of South Carolina graduates play important roles in powering the No. 1 tourist destination in South Carolina, which attracts more than 1 million visitors annually.

Curiosity drives consulting career

Curiosity has always been a driving force for Audrey Ware — and it has paid off. She earned three undergraduate degrees at USC: international business, marketing and French. Now, armed with a master’s degree in market research and consumer behavior, Ware continues to explore as a senior business analyst for the global firm McKinsey & Company in Charlotte.

Recovery from post-stroke aphasia hampered by diabetes

Most complications from diabetes already are well known and include heart disease, neuropathy and vision loss. A recent study has confirmed one more: diminished recovery from post-stroke aphasia.

Carolina Master Scholars camps spark curiosity, forge connections

Summer camp memories don’t often include crime scene blood spatter analysis or creating culinary masterpieces, but the Carolina Master Scholars Adventure Series is not your typical summer camp.

New USC center will help communities seeking federal environmental, infrastructure grants

Communities throughout South Carolina can now receive assistance applying for federal grants thanks to a new center at the University of South Carolina.

Organic chemistry instructor found her own creative vibe, helps stressed students find theirs

Organic chemistry instructor Laura Lanni rediscovered her love for writing in the midst of a science career. Now she's helping stressed-out students to make time for the things they love and left behind amid their rigorous studies.

Qiana Whitted on Black representation in comics

There’s no mystery about the disappearance of Ace Harlem. Born in 1947, his story ended just as quickly as it began. Picture this: a Black police detective comes upon the scene of a crime and traces the evidence to robbers holed up in a downtown apartment. A struggle ensues. Only one survives.

Josh Hughes in Kyrgyzstan Change of plans: A canceled study abroad trip leads to a new career goals

One week before Josh Hughes planned to study abroad in Ukraine, his trip was canceled because of the escalating conflict with Russia. He was disappointed-- until a new opportunity arose in Kyrgyzstan. Now, he's returned to his host country on a Critical Language scholarship.

Past, present and future: Change makers in women’s and gender studies at USC

In 1972, fewer than a dozen women met behind closed doors on the University of South Carolina’s Columbia campus. What they discussed was not illegal or criminal but felt conspiratorial just the same.

USC researchers study alternatives to plastics

As the fight against plastic pollution continues, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has awarded USC a grant for $2.6 million for a three-year project to find plastic alternatives for coastal applications.

Why people tend to believe UFOs are extraterrestrial

Barry Markovsky, distinguished professor emeritus of sociology, writes for The Conversation about the continuing fascination with UFOs — unidentified flying objects — and the persistent belief that these things are not of our world.

USC geography graduates help guide state, nation through hurricane season

Every summer, the South Carolina coast and the southeastern U.S. faces the threat of hurricanes that range in size from sustained winds of 74 mph to the state’s most catastrophic hurricane, Hugo in 1989 that resulted in $10 billion in damages.

African American high school students get a taste of life as a Gamecock

Each summer, African American high school students from around South Carolina visit USC for Summer Seniors, a four-day residential recruitment program that gives students a feel for what to expect as a college student.

Mission trips are an evangelical rite of passage for US teens - but why?

Short-term mission trips have become a rite of passage in some corners of Protestant Christianity as overseas travel has become more affordable for Americans. Mission trips are an evangelical rite of passage for US teens – but why?

Forensic evidence suggests Paleo-Americans hunted mastodons, mammoths and other megafauna in eastern North America 13,000 years ago

The earliest people who lived in North America shared the landscape with huge animals. On any day these hunter-gatherers might encounter a giant, snarling saber-toothed cat ready to pounce, or a group of elephantlike mammoths stripping tree branches. Maybe a herd of giant bison would stampede past.

Physicist continues lifelong search for dark matter, 90 years in the making

Frank Avignone is looking for dark matter ― the mysterious substance that makes up much of the universe. In a lab at the University of South Carolina, he shows off a spectrometer that he recently repaired with support from the National Science Foundation. Purchased for his lab more than 50 years ago, the device proved to be just what he needs for his newest experiment.

USC researcher's Black cemeteries project aims to restore lost ancestral connections

For Terrance Weik, the gravesite of his great-grandmother was a sacred place: Her headstone memorialized a place where he could remember her and those who came before. Weik is working on research and preservation efforts at three burial grounds across South Carolina: sites in Blythewood, Daufuskie Island and Hilton Head.

Clay and Grainne Owen lead Gamecocks in support of curing children's cancer

When Clay and Grainne Owen’s son Killian died of leukemia at age 9, the family’s tragedy became their mission — to find better treatments and make childhood cancer a curable disease. Their charity, Curing Kids Cancer, has raised more than $25 million since 2005.

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