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  • Researcher and clinician hold an infant who has been scanned at the McCausland Center.


The McCausland Center for Brain Imaging is a Center of Economic Excellence within the Health Sciences South Carolina collaborative. We are closely connected with a network of facilities that allow us to leverage the synergistic strengths of several state-of-the-art tools. 

Ongoing and upcoming research 

The McCausland Center celebrates and supports the scientists who work with our facilities. Each of the partners listed below are carrying on important research that would not be possible without the state-of the-art facilities we share and our interdependent partnerships.


Aging Brain Cohort (ABC) Study  

University of South Carolina professor Julius Fridriksson was awarded an $5 million grant from USC to conduct a five-year study to examine the relationship between healthy aging and a variety of factors including genetics, brain structure/function and lifestyle in a representative sample of South Carolinians ages 20-80. Learn more or enroll in the study.


Center for Advanced Brain Imaging 

Located in Charleston, S.C. the Center for Advanced Brain Imaging also has a 3T Siemens Prisma Fit MRI system. Experts including Joe Helpern have developed new imaging techniques such as diffusion kurtosis imaging, a promising technique for detecting brain abnormalities and changes that we are aggressively testing at the McCausland Center.


Center for the Study of Aphasia Recovery (C-STAR) 

University of South Carolina professor Julius Fridriksson was awarded an $11.1 million grant from the National Institutes of Health to establish the Center for the Study of Aphasia Recovery (C-STAR), which researches stroke recovery and works to improve the lives and communication skills of patients after they suffer strokes.


High-density Electrophysiological Recordings 

Located in the IMB building on USC’s campus are three high-density electrophysiological labs. This equipment measures event related potentials from the scalp. The latest portable system can record simultaneously with MRI scans, allowing us to combine the fast sampling rate of ERPs with the spatial abilities of MRI. Users include Amit Almor, Suzanne Adlof, Melanie Palomares, John Richards and Jennifer Vendemia.


The Institute for Mind & Brain (IMB) 

The University of South Carolina’s Institute for Mind & Brain is a physical home for several cognitive neuroscientists and a hub for many others. In addition to offices and conference rooms, the institute houses state-of-the-art tools for electrophysiological recordings and eye tracking.

Banner photo features a participant with the Infant Lab at USC.

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