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College of Arts and Sciences

The Horseshoe at USC

Office of the Dean

The Office of the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences at USC leads the college through operating the budget and human resources offices, directing the use of the college's facilities, coordinating external relations and alumni relationships, and overseeing academic planning for the largest college at the University of South Carolina.

Organization and Responsibility

The College of Arts and Sciences leadership is divided among deans who oversee specific academic and administrative areas within the college. External relations, human resources and budget offices assist in the management and administration of the college.


Lacy Ford, Ph.D., Dean

Dean Ford provides academic and administrative leadership to the largest college of the University of South Carolina. He provides oversight for budget, curriculum development and policies and procedures.

Hanno zur Loye, Ph.D., Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies

Dr. zur Loye oversees all graduate directors within the college, college grants administration and annual SmartState reports. Dr. zur Loye serves as the liaison for the USC Office of Research, the College Institutional Review Board, and the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry in regards to budget-related matters.

Cynthia Davis, Ph.D., Associate Dean for Arts, Humanities and Academic Initiatives

Dr. Davis’ responsibilities include liaising between the dean’s office and the departments of English, history, languages, literatures and culture, philosophy, religious studies, theatre and dance and the School of Visual Art and Design, as well as the resulting centers and institutes. Dr. Davis reviews all third year, tenure and promotion, post tenure review files, as well as sabbatical requests and nominations for named professorships and faculty awards for arts and humanities.

Tracey Weldon Ph.D., Associate Dean for Diversity, Interdisciplinary Programs and Social Sciences

Dr. Weldon is the liaison between the dean’s office and the departments of anthropology, criminology and criminal justice, political science, sociology and all academic programs. In her role overseeing diversity and inclusion, she provides input into decision making, strategic planning and hiring initiatives to enhance diversity, inclusion and equity. She supports a culturally competent educational environment through curricular representation and culturally and linguistically appropriate services (CLAS) as well as serving as an Academic Program Liaison. Dr. Weldon also works with the USC Chief Diversity Officer and other members of the university’s diversity network.  

Claudia Benitez-Nelson, Ph.D., Associate Dean for Instruction, Community Engagement, and Research

Dr. Benitez-Nelson fosters undergraduate research opportunities by enhancing the value of an Arts and Sciences degree.  She develops strategies to encourage community engagement on and off campus by serving as the liaison between academic programs and activities beyond the classroom.  Dr. Benitez-Nelson works with University Housing, the Honors College, and the College’s Academic Advising Team to promote innovation on campus.

Loren Knapp, Ph.D., Associate Dean for Enrollment Management, Advising, and Retention

 Dr. Knapp is responsible for representing the college in all matters related to undergraduate services, including working with the Division of Student Affairs and Academic Support and serving on a wide-range of committees.

Ginger Nickles Osborne, Ph.D., Assistant Dean for Academic Planning and Enrollment

Dr. Nickles Osborne allocates and manages all resources pertaining to graduate assistants, non-tenure track instructional staffing, adjunct staffing and summer instructional staffing. 

Elise Ahyi, Assistant Dean for Academic Policy, Planning, and Administration

Ms. Ahyi is responsible for managing unit tenure and promotion criteria, college level curriculum development and review including academic program and course proposals, policies and procedures, data collection, reporting and accreditation.

Derlene Lowder, Chief of Staff and Assistant Dean for Administration, Faculty Data and Research

Ms. Lowder is responsible for budget oversight, analysis and reporting of data collection, as well as development and implementation of strategies to support the college.


Reporting to the Dean

Advancement and Alumni Relations

Sally McKay, Director of Advancement and Alumni Relations

Laura Najim, Associate Director of Internships, Stewardship and Scholarships

  • Internships
  • Scholarships
  • Stewardship

Helen Dennis, Communications Coordinator

  • College social media management
  • Website coordinator
Space and Facilities

John Moring, Director of Space and Facilities Operations

Gary Bennett, Coordinator of Buildings and Services
Brian Grabski, Assistant Coordinator of Buildings and Services
Charles Barnett, Chief of Services Crew
Luther Johnson, Services Crew Member

Information Technology Services

David Mullaney, Director, Information Technology Services

Jerry Branch, PSC Computing Lab Manager
Jason Dean, Evening Operations Manager
Richard England, Network and Systems Manager
Randolph Franklin, Computer Support Technician
Lee Hallman, Instructional Workstation Specialist
Terry Johnson, User Support Manager
Richard Kemp, Macintosh Support Specialist
Johanna Lewis, Applications Support Specialist
Felicia Smalls, Operations Manager
Zach White, College Web Developer


Vinnie Suarez, Senior Director of Development
Dena Byerly, Administrative Assistant
Rebecca Kilgore, Director of Development
Ashley Lindsay Smith, Director of Development

Research Computing

Jun Zhou, Director of Research Computing
Glen Dufour, Applications Analyst
Michael Milligan, Applications Analyst

Auxiliary Services 

Allen Frye, Director of Mechanical Prototype Facility


Academic Affairs and Advising Staff

Student Services

Dawn Hiller, Student Services Manager, Director of Students - Humanities, Social Sciences, and Fine Arts 
Jennifer Shiver, Student Services Manager, Director of Students - Science, Math, Statistics
William "Lane" Kennedy, Student Services Program Coordinator
Doug Roberts,
Student Services Coordinator
Jodie Salter, Student Services Coordinator
Theresa Ashley, Administrative Assistant


Office Staff

Appointments with Dean and Associate Deans
Sarah Livingston, Office Manager and Assistant to the Dean
  • Assistant to the Dean (appointments, travel, correspondence)

  • Member of CAS Communications Team

  • Coordination of Chair and Director Annual Evaluations and Reappointment Evaluations

  • CAS Point Person for Accreditation Activity

  • Collaboration with external relations

Sarah Gottshall, Administrative Assistant
  • Senior Associate Dean Thunell (Natural Sciences)

  • Associate Dean Davis (Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences)

  • Associate Dean zur Loye (Research/Graduate Studies)

Finance, Budget and Grants

Kathy Fitzhugh, Director of Finance, Budget, and Grants

  • Academic unit budget oversight
  • Internal grants administration
  • SmartState financials
  • Analysis, reporting and data collection

Susan Klie, Assistant Director of Finance, Budget, and Grants

Patty Brabham, Senior Budget Analyst

  • Account memorandums – processing
  • College-wide lab fee submissions to Bursar
  • Maintain the college commitment database and reimbursements to departments
  • Analysis and preparation of college-wide budget transfers
  • Semi-annual "A Fund" reviews
  • Carry-forward preparation in conjunction with budget director
  • Reconciliation of summer school between departments and college
  • Quarterly financial reviews of E-fund accounts
  • Quarterly financial reviews of restricted funds
  • Maintenance of dean-level accounts (to include new faculty startup costs)
  • Deposit receipting
  • Journal entries – college wide approver

Wendy Roberts, Budget Analyst

  • Dean’s office business functions
  • Dean’s office budget development
  • Monitor Dean’s office accounts
  • Deposit transmittals
  • Dean’s Office Educational Foundation accounts
  • Time and effort reporting
  • Account memorandums – preparation
  • P-Card Liaison

Alysia Bridgman, Finance, Grants, and Operations Manager

Jan Miron, Grants Manager

Bob Ellis, Business Administration and Operations Manager

Rhonda Stephens, Business Administration and Operations Manager

Barbara Delaney, Receptionist 

Human Resources 

LaTasha Robinson, Director of Human Resources. Manages all HR operations of the college to include but not limited to:

  • the hiring and reappointing of faculty, staff, students, and temporary employees
  • promotions for non-tenure track faculty, tenure and promotion, post-tenure review, third-year review, retention actions, sabbatical leaves, dual employment, ECOM processes, resignations, retirements, and oversight for awards, professorships, and endowed chair appointments
  • process, at the college level, all leaves of absences, including FMLA, LWOP, personal leave, military leave, jury duty, bereavement leave, etc. for all faculty, unclassified staff, and classified staff
  • employee relations for staff and faculty
  • the preparation and monitoring of the college's personnel budget; advises on matters related to the human capital management processes of the college and university

Danielle Cummings, Human Resources Assistant

  • Assistant to the Director
  • EPMS Planning and Reviews
  • E-verify Program Administrator for the college
  • Contact for Classified Staff Actions

Stephanie Marrs, Human Resources Associate
Will manage, coordinate or assist with HR actions for Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences to include: 

  • Summer ECOM
  • Research Grant Positions for Staff and Faculy
  • Time Limited Positions for Staff and Faculty
  • Temporary Positions for Staff
  • Student Hires
  • PBP 4/5 Actions for RGP, TL, and Temp Staff positions
  • PBP 7 for RGP, TL, and Temp Staff positions
  • Oversee and manage the College’s EPMS processes annually for FTE Classified Staff

Betty Helms, Human Resources Associate
Will manage, coordinate, or assist with HR actions for Natural Sciences to include:

  • Summer ECOM
  • Research Grant Positions
  • Time Limited Positions
  • Temporary Positions for Staff and Unclassified Positions, excluding TFACs
  • Student Hires
  • PBP 4/5 Actions for RGP, TL, and Temporary Positions, excluding TFACs
  • PBP7s for RGP, TL, and Temporary Positions, excluding TFACs

Cheri Shinn, Human Resources Associate

  • Administrative Appointments/Reappointments
  • Affiliate Hires (Staff, Faculty, and Visiting Scholars)
  • Appointment/Reappointments of FTE Non-TT Faculty and Unclassified Staff
  • Tenure Track Faculty and TFAC Hires and HR Actions
  • FTE Unclassified Staff Hires and HR Actions
  • Dual Employment (Faculty and Unclassified Staff)
  • Tenure and Promotion Assistance
  • Post-Tenure Review Assistance
  • Third Year Review Assistance
  • Emeritus Requests
  • Sabbatical Leaves Paperwork Submission
  • PBP 4/5 Actions for FTE Faculty and Unclassified Staff
  • PBP7s for FTE Faculty and Unclassified Staff