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Neuroscience Faculty

Below is a list of faculty who mentor undergraduate research for the Neuroscience Program. If you are looking for volunteer research experience or a mentor for your research requirement for the major or minor, you are welcome to contact any faculty mentors who are currently accepting students and whose research topic is of interest to you. The faculty have self-identified their research as being related to one or more of the major concentrations, but these are merely to help guide you toward relevant mentors.  You are not restricted to working with faculty within your concentration. More information about the research requirements for the major and minor and guidelines for individual research courses are available on the Undergraduate Research page.

Faculty List

Enter concentration abbreviations (CMN, CBN, NND) in the search box to filter by concentration affiliation. You can also search by topic, disorder, or populations keyword (e.g., attention, language, autism, infants, stroke, etc.).  

Faculty who wish to be added or removed from the list or who wish to update their information should complete this form.

Name Department Research Description Concentration Accepting Students for Spring 2022 Keywords
(hidden column)
Almor, Amit Psychology Memory and Language in the Mind and Brain CBN Maybe  
Behroozmand, Roozbeh Communication Sciences and Disorders Speech neuroscience lab focuses on studying the neural mechanisms of speech production and motor control in the human brain. CBN Maybe  
Bezuidenhout, Anne Philosophy, Linguistics I investigate how linguistic (especially semantic and pragmatic) information is represented in the brain, as well as the cognitive processes of the speakers and hearers who use this information in verbal communication.  CBN Yes  
Booze, Rose Psychology The behavioral and neurobiological effects of viruses (HIV-1 and COVID-19) in the brain CMN, CBN, NND No  
Bradshaw, Jessica Psychology The development of attention and motor skills in infancy and implications for the early detection of autism.  NND Yes attention, development, infants, autism
Conte, Stefania Psychology

The development of brain structural connectivity and functionality in infancy

Lab Website

NND Yes  
Decker, Scott Psychology

My research area focuses on the transdisciplinary application of cognitive-neuroscience to guide diagnostic assessment approaches used in schools to identify children with neurodevelopmental learning disabilities. 

Lab Website

NND Yes  
den Ouden, Dirk Communication Sciences and Disorders The Neurolinguistics lab studies the neurobiology of language and language disorders from a linguistic perspective, focusing on syntax and phonology. CBN Yes  
Desai, Rutvik Psychology

Neural basis of concepts; language processing in the brain

Lab Website

CBN Yes  
Edmunds, Sarah Psychology Individual differences in autism spectrum disorder that may have implications for intervention efficacy; community implementation of interventions NND Yes  
Fadel, Jim Pharmacology, Physiology & Neuroscience, School of Medicine My lab uses neurochemical, anatomical and behavioral approaches to understand how aging and stress affect the brain. CMN, CBN Maybe  
Francis, T. Chase Drug Discovery & Biomedical Sciences, College of Pharmacy

Neuroplasticity underlying relapsing depression, aversive response, and brain stimulation

Lab Website

CMN, CBN Maybe  
Fridriksson, Julius Communication Sciences and Disorders Research in the aphasia lab focuses on the neural basis of aphasia recovery as well as cortical organization of speech and language. CBN Yes  
Green, Jessica Psychology Multisensory perception and attention using EEG CBN Yes attention, perception, EEG
Grillo, Claudia Pharmacology, Physiology & Neuroscience, School of Medicine My lab is interested in studying novel neurocircuits that regulate food, with the ultimate goal of identifying new targets to treat eating disorders. CMN, CBN Maybe  
Harrod, Steven Psychology Operant conditioning experiments: drug self-administration; sucrose-maintained responding CBN Maybe  
Herter, Troy Exercise Science Neural mechanisms that underlie learning, performance, and recovery of visuomotor skills in healthy and clinical populations. CBN No stroke, concussion, motor
Hogan, Abigail Communication Sciences and Disorders My research focuses on understanding predictors of anxiety (e.g., physiological regulation, temperament) as well as the impacts of anxiety on social communication in young children with autism spectrum disorder. NND Yes  
Hollis, Fiona Pharmacology, Physiology & Neuroscience, School of Medicine

The Hollis lab studies the role of brain mitochondrial function in neurodevelopmental and psychiatric diseases.

Lab Website

CMN, CBN, NND Maybe  
Hudac, Caitlin Psychology

My lab uses cognitive neuroscience (EEG/ERP, fMRI, eye tracking) to track the development of the social brain and develop biomarkers associated with genetic etiologies of neurodevelopmental disorders (e.g., autism spectrum disorder).

Lab Website

CBN, NND Yes  
Jasnow, Aaron Pharmacology, Physiology & Neuroscience, School of Medicine

The Jasnow Lab studies how neural systems and circuits support fear learning and memory, and the development of inappropriate fear responses related to anxiety and stress-related disorders.

Lab Website

CMN, CBN Yes  
Klusek, Jessica Communication Sciences and Disorders Our research focuses on characterizing language and communication profiles in FMR1-associated conditions and their interface with genetic, physiological, and cognitive features. NND Yes  
Mactutus, Charles Psychology The cognitive and neural adaptations of the central nervous system to drugs, toxins or viruses, particularly from developmental exposure. CMN, CBN, NND Maybe  
Matchin, William Communication Sciences and Disorders

In the NeuroSyntax lab, we seek to understand the neurobiological foundations of human language. Our research is interdisciplinary, incorporating insights from linguistic theory, neuroscience, and aphasia.

Lab Website

CBN Yes  
McQuail, Joseph Pharmacology, Physiology & Neuroscience, School of Medicine The McQuail Lab studies the neurobiological basis for age-related memory loss and develops novel strategies to prevent or reverse the effects of brain aging CMN, CBN Yes aging, memory
Moore, Robert Davis Exercise Science We evaluate the short and long-term outcomes of concussion, conduct interventions for post-concussion syndrome, and evaluate novel technologies for promoting neurocognitive performance and resilience to stressors CBN, NND Yes  
Moss, Melissa Chemical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering Professor Moss’s research focuses on the involvement of protein aggregation in Alzheimer’s disease, including understanding the protein aggregation process and its effect on neuronal, vascular, and immune cells. CMN Maybe  
Mott, David Pharmacology, Physiology & Neuroscience, School of Medicine Research in the Mott lab utilizes animal models to better understand how neuromodulatory projections influence the neural circuits that underlie emotional memory and emotional behaviors in neurodevelopmental and psychiatric diseases. CMN, CBN, NND Yes memory, emotion, development
Pocivavsek, Ana Pharmacology, Physiology & Neuroscience, School of Medicine

Molecular Mechanisms of sleep, cognitive dysfunction, and relationship to mental health

Lab Website

CMN, CBN, NND Maybe  
Porcu, Alessandra Drug Discovery & Biomedical Sciences, College of Pharmacy

Neural circuits and molecular mechanisms of psychiatric disorders

Lab Website

CMN Yes  
Poulain, Fabienne Biological Sciences

Our research aims to delineate the molecular and cellular mechanisms governing circuit wiring in vivo.

Lab Website

CMN, NND Maybe  
Reagan, Lawrence Pharmacology, Physiology & Neuroscience, School of Medicine We examine the effects of psychosocial and metabolic stress on hippocampal synaptic plasticity. CMN, CBN Maybe  
Richards, John Psychology

The neural basis of the development of attention and face processing in infants

Lab Website

CBN, NND Yes attention, development, infants, EEG
Roberts, Jane Psychology

The overarching aim of our program of research is to detect early signs of autism and anxiety in high risk infants and preschoolers.  We use multiple methods including parent report, experimental behavioral paradigms and physiological indices.

Lab Website

NND Yes  
Rorden, Chris Psychology

We use brain imaging to understand the consequences of stroke and predict recovery.

Lab Website

CBN Maybe  
Rose, John Computer Science & Engineering, Biomedical Engineering

I focus on computational approaches to modeling and analyzing molecular and cellular processes.

CMN Yes  
Schatz, Jeff Psychology

Neurodevelopmental and neurocognitive impacts of sickle cell disease

NND Yes  
Shinkareva, Svetlana Psychology

Affective Science

CBN Yes  
Shtutman, Michael Drug Discovery & Biomedical Sciences, College of Pharmacy

The focus of our research is the repurposing of the approved drugs for the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases. 

CMN Yes  
Smith, Deanna Biological Sciences

Mechanisms regulating intracellular transport in neural cells

Lab Website

CMN, NND Maybe  
Speiser, Dan Biological Sciences

Neuroethology of invertebrate animals with a focus on sensory perception and processing.

Lab Website

CBN Maybe  
Stewart, Jill Exercise Science

The Motor Behavior and Neuroimaging Laboratory studies the behavioral and neural aspects of motor control and motor learning in health and after stroke.

Lab Website

CBN No  
Sun, Yi Mathematics

Mathematical and computational neuroscience: mathematical modeling and scientific computation for problems arising from neuroscience.

Twiss, Jeff Biological Sciences

Molecular and cellular mechanisms underlying how neural connections are made during brain development and repaired after injury.

CMN, NND Yes  
Vento, Peter Psychology

My lab studies the brain pathways that allow one to learn from, and appropriately respond to, aversive stimuli and the negative consequences of behavior.

CBN Yes  
Wedell, Douglas Psychology

My research explores ways in which context influences judgment, decision making and affective responses.

CBN Maybe  
Welshhans, Kristy Biological Sciences

My research focuses on understanding how neural connectivity is established during development, both in health and disease.

Lab Website

CMN, NND No development
Wilson, Marlene Pharmacology, Physiology & Neuroscience, School of Medicine

Neurobiological basis of individual differences in anxiety and stress-related responses in preclinical models. 

CMN, CBN Maybe  
Wood, Susan Pharmacology, Physiology & Neuroscience, School of Medicine

The Wood lab studies the neurobiology of stress susceptibility, with a focus on understanding why females are more sensitive to stress.

CMN, CBN Maybe  
Xu, Peisheng Drug Discovery & Biomedical Sciences, College of Pharmacy

Brain targeted nanoparticle for the treatment of CNS diseases, including Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, etc.

CBN Yes  
Zhu, Jun Drug Discovery & Biomedical Sciences, College of Pharmacy

How HIV-1 viral proteins disrupt the human dopamine and norepinephrine transporters, membrane proteins in the brain responsible for pumping neurotransmitters (dopamine and norepinephrine) back into cytosol and terminating normal physiological levels of these neurotransmitters for brain function.  

CMN Yes  


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