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Department of Biological Sciences


Dr. Josh Stone awarded a grant from the NSF

Funding will support research on the role of Rhizaria in the oligotrophic ocean

New publication by Gabriella Spatola and Dr. Tim Mousseau featured in Nature and the New York Times

Discover what Chernobyl's stray dogs could teach us about radiation

Drs. Alissa Armstrong and Carol Boggs published a study in microPublication Biology

Learn how new antibodies can be developed to detect molecular pathways in epidopteran species.

The Poulain lab published a new study in Cell Reports

Discover how axons communicate and degenerate during brain wiring

Kenneth Frederick and Dr. Rekha Patel published a new study in Frontiers in Pharmacology

Learn more about luteolin and how it might be used in future treatments against dystonia

Drs. Dan Chappell and Dan Speiser published a new study in the Journal of Experimental Biology

Discover how animals with distributed visual systems process visual information

Dr. David Reisman receives a grant from the Children's Leukemia Research Association

Funding will support research on lncRNAp53Int1, a long non-coding RNA implicated in cancer

Sierra Jaeger and Dr. Eric LoPresti published a new study in Ecology

Discover the role of secondary pollinators in plant reproduction

Dr. Tim Mousseau and colleagues published two new studies in Cell Reports and Nature Microbiology

Discover how multi-omics foster population genomics and microbiome studies

Dr. Carol Boggs and collaborators published a new study in Proceedings of the Royal Society B

Learn more about the effect of climate change

Drs. Shannon Davis and Mike Felder published a new study in Behavior Genetics

Learn more about the behavior of Peromyscus maniculatus, the deer mouse!

The Fu lab published a new Spotlight article in Molecular Plant

Learn more about the war between water molds and plants

Chad Simmons receives an SREB Doctoral Scholars Program award

The program provides minority scholars with financial support, leadership opportunities and networking events

Dr. Kristy Welshhans receives a grant from the NIGMS

Funding will support research on Down syndrome

Dr. Carol Boggs and collaborators warn about the effects of climate change

Dr. Pabitra Sahoo receives funding from the Merkin Peripheral Neuropathy and Nerve Regeneration Center

Funding will support research on chronic nerve injury

Dr. Jeff Twiss awarded a grant from the Adelson Medical Research Foundation

Funding will support research on nerve regeneration

Dr. Alissa Armstrong awarded funding from the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative

Funding will support research on the communication between organs and the adipose tissue.

Sierra Jaeger and Laurent Duverglas won presentation awards at the SC Entomological Society meeting

The Boggs lab published a new study in Evolution

Learn how butterflies adapt to a novel host plant in their environment

Alumni Spotlight: Jay Grant, Owner of Nature Adventures Outfitters

Jay's experiences led him to becoming a tour guide for Nature Adventures Outfitters, which he now owns.

Dr. Richard Youle receives the Distinguished Alumni Award for research on Parkinson's disease

Research from his laboratory at the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, part of the National Institutes of Health, has identified novel mechanisms for the causes of familial Parkinson's disease.

Faculty Spotlight: Carolyn Wessinger

How do organisms generate complex structures? This is a question that excites Carolyn Wessinger, Ph.D., and assistant professor in the Department of Biological Sciences.

The Dallas lab published a new study in PNAS Nexus

Learn more about the 1918 H1N1 influenza and 2020 SARS-CoV-2 diseases and their transmission

Dr. Tammi Richardson published a review article in the Journal of Plankton Research

Discover Cryptophytes, the colorful phytoplankton that populate ponds and oceans.

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