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Department of Biological Sciences

Luke Wilde awarded a Graduate Research Fellowship from the NSF!


Luke received his B.S. in Biology from Gonzaga University with research experiences in Costa Rica and Ecuador. He then worked as an outdoor educator in Yellowstone National Park, a field assistant for the University of Washington monitoring the survival of ungulates, and a technician for the University of Montana studying the effects of parasites on deer mice. For his MSc. research, Luke is working at our long-term field site in sub-Arctic Alaska where he is trying to understand how climate change is leading to changes in trophic interactions among Hudsonian Godwits and one of their main predators, the red fox. He also hopes to use his work to empower local conservation efforts.

Luke was awarded an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship to support his project entitled “Investigating the community effects of time-dependent predator avoidance behaviors.” Congrats Luke!

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