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Department of Biological Sciences

Congratulations to our new Magellan scholars!

The Magellan Scholar program was created by the UofSC to enrich the academic experience of our undergraduates through research opportunities in all disciplines from science, technology, and medicine, to theatre, music, and art. By providing access to faculty mentoring relationships and a professional research experience, UofSC enables students to creatively explore their interests at a more in-depth level than can be attained in the classroom. Each Magellan Scholar receives up to $3,000 to help fund the research project, competing for this award with the submission of a research, scholarship, or creative project proposal developed in collaboration with the Scholar’s faculty mentor.

Congrats to ou undergraduate researchers who were were announced as Magellan Scholar Award winners this morning:

  • Graham McLaughlin will be "Using RNA Interference to Investigate the Effects of Seminal Fluid Proteins on Female Postmating Responses" with Dr. Brian Hollis.
  • Alyssa Franklin will focus on the  "Regulation of Hematopoiesis in Ing4-Deficient Zebrafish” with Dr. Katie Kathrein.
  • Adriana Webb will work on the "Effects of swamp water DOM additions on phytoplankton in North Inlet Estuary, SC” with Dr. Jay Pinckney.
  • Taylor Faherty will work on the "Analysis of novel lncRNAp53int1 Expression Levels during differentiation of leukemic cells” with Dr. David Reisman
  • Matthew Duggan will focus on "Inferring successful breeding of a declining bird with remote tracking data”, working with Dr. Nathan Senner.
  • Mary Pelton will work on the "Analysis of population size and stopover duration of Red Knots (Calidris canutus rufa) on Seabrook and Kiawah islands, South Carolina” with Dr.  Nathan Senner.
  • Allison Krebs will analyze the "Responses of Cultured Tomato Cells to Green Leaf Volatiles” together with Dr. Johannes Stratmann.
  • Hollis Chillura will work on "Identifying axon regeneration promoting substrates of HDAC6” with Dr. Jeff Twiss.
  • Sarayu Parise will focus on the "Role of Axonal FXR1 and FMRP RNA binding proteins”, working with Dr. Jeff Twiss.

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