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Department of Biological Sciences

Dr. Carol Boggs and collaborators warn about the effects of climate change

Climate warming is among the most serious of anthropogenic stresses to the environment. It not only has direct effects on biodiversity but also exacerbates the harmful effects of other human-mediated threats. The associated consequences are potentially severe, particularly in terms of threats to species preservation, as well as in the preservation of an array of ecosystem services provided by biodiversity. In their new article titled "Scientists' warning on climate change and insects" published in Ecological Monographs, Dr. Carol Boggs and other international experts summarize the effect of the gradual global surface temperature increase on insects in terms of physiology, behavior, distribution, phenology and species interactions. They further warn that, if no action is taken to better understand and reduce the action of climate change on insects, we will drastically reduce our ability to build a sustainable future based on healthy, functional ecosystems. A timely warning as the UN climate change meeting (COP27) is held this week in Egypt.

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