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Department of Biological Sciences

Keely Duff published a Research Highlights article in eNeuro

Accurate localization and manipulation of endogenous proteins is critical for studying neuronal function. Whereas existing gene editing techniques enable the labeling of individual proteins, methods to label multiple proteins in neurons are limiting. In her new commentary article titled "A Recipe for ORANGE-CAKE - This Time with Two Layers!", Keely Duff, graduate student in the Smith lab, highlights a new technique developed by the laboratories of Drs. de Jong and MacGillavry called ORANGE-CAKE. CAKE is a new CRISPR/Cas9 strategy that enables faithful duplex protein labeling using sequential editing of genes and can be used to visualize the co-localization of essential neuronal proteins, including cytoskeleton components, ion channels and synaptic scaffolds. Discover how ORANGE-CAKE works here!

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