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Department of Biological Sciences

The Ely lab published a new study in Current Microbiology

The bacteria Caulobacter Crescentus has been studied intensively for more than 50 years. Over the same period, the Ely lab has isolated and characterized many genetically distinct bacteriophages that can infect C. crescentus. In their new study titled "S2B, a Temperate Bacteriophage That Infects Caulobacter Crescentus Strain CB15", Dr. Bert Ely, professor in the department, his former graduate student Dr. Louis Berrios, and his former technician Quill Thomas, describe a newly isolated podovirus designated S2B that can integrate into the C. crescentus CB15 genome as a prophage and establish a lysogenic relationship with its host. They further report that portions of genomes from relatives of the S2B bacteriophage are present in the genomes of bacterial strains belonging to a variety of bacterial genera, making S2B a representative of a family of temperate bacteriophages.

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