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Department of Biological Sciences

Dr. Jay Pinckney published a new study in Continental Shelf Research

Benthic microalgae are an abundant and common component of the illuminated surface sediments of shallow continental shelves worldwide. Although phytoplankton biomass, community composition, and productivity are relatively well documented for these habitats, little is known about the community dynamics of benthic microalgae in these systems. In their latest study titled "Seasonality of benthic microalgal community abundance in shallow shelf waters", Dr. Jay Pinckney and his collaborators determined the community composition and seasonal abundance of benthic microalgae in the surface sediments of shallow nearshore shelf waters off Charleston, SC. As the first study to demonstrate the monthly to annual spatiotemporal dynamics of benthic microalgae in the nearshore shelf waters of the mid-region of the South Atlantic Bight, Jay's work offers insights into the potential contribution of benthic microalgae to shelf primary productivity. Congrats!

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