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Department of Philosophy

Salomon Campos-Rice wins Undergraduate Research Award at 2023 Discover USC Conference

On April 21st, 2023, the University of South Carolina hosted over 1,000 presenters at its annual research conference, Discover USC. Honors College Junior,  Salomon Campos-Rice, was awarded second place in his division for research in Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences. Salomon’s poster was titled “The Role of Moral Theory in Regulating Offensive Behavior.”

His presentation at Discover USC was the culmination of a two-semester long research venture led by Philosophy professor Dr. Justin Weinberg. Under the guidance of Dr. Weinberg, Salomon conducted research in the field of philosophy, law, and psychology. His main goal was to identify how the concept of “offensiveness” as defined in philosophy intersects with the legal world. Salomon’s research compared philosopher Joel Feinberg’s framework on offensiveness to legal precedents decided by the judicial system. Moving forward, Salomon plans on expanding his research in offensiveness for his Honors Thesis.



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