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Department of Philosophy


Jeremiah Hackett

Title: Professor Emeritus
Department: Philosophy
College of Arts and Sciences
Resources: Department of Philosophy
Roger Bacon Research Society
Professor Jerry Hackett


PhD, Toronto, 1983

Research Interests 

History of Philosophy, Metaphysics, Philosophy of Mind, Epistemology, Moral Philosophy.

My primary training is in the history of philosophy: later ancient, medieval and Renaissance. I work also in the history of medieval and Renaissance science. I am interested in how modern philosophy and science understands the history of philosophy. This specialization in the history of philosophy covers the fields of metaphysics, epistemology, and philosophy of mind. I have also written on medieval ethical theory. Meister Eckhart and philosophy in 14th c. Germany; George Berkeley. Heidegger and Augustine.

I am currently interested in Roger Bacon and Averroism; Robert Grosseteste's Commentary on the Posterior Analytics of Aristotle; Meister Eckhart and philosophy in 14c. Germany; Heidegger on Augustine; Heidegger on the uses of history of philosophy and science. 

Recent Publications

A new translation, with introduction and notes, of Roger Bacon’s Moralis philosophia by Thomas S. Maloney and Jeremiah Hackett:  Roger Bacon’s Moral Philosophy, Franciscan Institute Press, St. Bonaventure University, Olean, New York, 436pp.

This is the first complete English translation of part seven of Roger Bacon’s Opus Maius, his Moralis philosophia.  The term Moralis philosophia in the Middle Ages covered a range of topics and was not limited to Ethics alone.  It covered Philosophy of Religion, Philosophy of Law and Society, Virtue Theory and history of Religion.  Roughly half of the text (Part Three) is a digest of Stoic Ethics.  It is properly speaking a Translation with Introduction (93pp) and detailed Notes.

A volume of essays in my honor is forthcoming: The Philosophy and Science of Roger Bacon Studies in Honour of Jeremiah Hackett, edited by Nicola Polloni, Yael Kedar, and published by Routlege.

  • “Roger Bacon and His First Interpreter: The Anonymous Iuvenis Johannes,” in Cecilia Panti and Nicola Polloni, eds., Vedere nell’ Ombra: Studi su natura, spiritualitè e scienze operative offerti a Michela Pereira, Florence: SISMEL [Micrologus Library 90], 2018,  pp. 179-182.
  •  “Roger Bacon and Peter John Olivi on the “Status” of “The Philosophers,” in Luca Bianchi, Onorato Grassi and Cecilia Panti, eds., Edizioni, Traduzioni E Tradizioni Filosofiche (Saecoloi XII-XVI): Studi Per Pietro B. Rossi,  Aracne Editrice: Caterano [Flumen Sapientiae, 7], 2018, pp. 557-571.

Institutes, Activities and Awards

I am the founding president of the Roger Bacon Research Society. I was recently presented with “The Franciscan Institute Medal" for excellence in Franciscan Studies and magisterial scholarship on the works of Roger Bacon.

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