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Department of Philosophy


Michael Stoeltzner

Title: Professor
Chair of the Faculty Appellate Panel
Department: Philosophy
College of Arts and Sciences
Office: Close-Hipp 529
Resources: Department of Philosophy
Academic history (CV - lebenslauf)
Publications (CV - Aufsätze)
Michael Stoeltzner


  • Dr. Phil., Bielefeld, 2003
  • M. Sc., Vienna, 1995

Research Interests 

  • Philosophy and History of Physics and Applied Mathematics
  • Epistemology of Elementary Particle Physics
  • History of Philosophy of Science
  • Models and Ceteris Paribus Laws
  • Patterns of Formal Teleology

Regularly Taught Courses 

  • Philosophy of Science
  • Philosophy of Space and Time
  • Engineering Ethics
  • Senior Seminar
  • Logic
  • Science and Pseudoscience

Select Publications

  • “Hilbert’s Axiomatic Method and Carnap’s General Axiomatics”, Studies in History and Philosophy of Science 53 (2015), 12-22. 17.
  • "The Variety of Explanations in the Higgs Sector“, Synthese 194 (2017): 433-460.
  • "The Least Action Principle as the Logical Empiricist's Shibboleth", Studies in History and Philosophy of Modern Physics 34 (2003), 285-318.
  • "On Optimism and Opportunism in Applied Mathematics", Erkenntnis 60 (2004), 121-145.
  • "Feynman Diagrams: Modeling between Physics and Mathematics", Perspectives on Science 26 (2018): 482-500.
  • (with Peter Mättig) „Model choice and crucial tests. On the empirical epistemology of the Higgs discovery“, Studies in History and Philosophy of Modern Physics, 65 (2019): 73-96.
  • (with Peter Mättig) “Searching for Signatures,” Philosophy of Science 87 (2020): 1246-1256.
  • “Scientific World Conception on Stage: The Prague Meeting of the German Physicists and Mathematicians”, in Radek Schuster (ed.), The Vienna Circle in Czechoslovakia (Vienna Circle Institute Yearbook), Dordrecht: Springer, 2020, pp. 73-95.
  • “Narratives Divided: The German and the Austrian Mach”, in J. Preston (ed.), Interpreting Ernst Mach: Critical Essays, Cambridge University Press, forthcoming in 2021.


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