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Policy on Determination of Credit Hours for Coursework

  1. This Policy covers all Law School courses governed by ABA Standard 310 except externships and field placements, which are governed by ABA Standard 305.
  2. The Law School faculty, upon the recommendation of the Curriculum Committee, establishes the number of credit hours allotted for each course.
  3. The Law School operates on a 13-week semester, with instructional course credit equaling approximately 780 minutes per credit hour, however:
    1. Faculty may approve course credit equaling less than 780 minutes per credit hour so long as no fewer than the ABA requirement of 700 minutes per credit hour is met.
    2. For simulation courses, clinical courses, writing seminars and independent research, an equivalent amount of work with an appropriate combination of in-class instruction, direct faculty instruction, and out-of-class student work is included in this calculation.
  4. The Associate Dean for Academic Affairs is responsible for interpreting this Policy to ensure consistency and compliance with ABA Accreditation standards.

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