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College of Nursing

Bachelor of Science in Nursing


The Office of Financial Aid provides the full breakdown of the estimated cost to attend. For additional tuition and fee information, visit the Bursar’s Office Tuition and Fees websiteAll student fees are subject to change at any time. 

Undergraduate Expense Health professions fee $700/semester 
(full-time resident)
(full-time nonresident)
Upper Division Expenses Nursing Lab fee  $1,000/semester
  Uniforms $250
  Supply and equipment kits (first junior semester only) $160
  Criminal record check and drug screen, health portal and OSHA/HIPPA eLearning Training (first junior semester) $120
  CPR certification (can vary) $45+
  Malpractice insurance (each clinical course) $20
  Total Assessment Program (attached to: Nursing 428, 435) $150 
  Clinical travel *
HBV Vaccine
Varicella, Rubella and Rubeola Titers
$232 (approx.)
Graduating seniors  Licensure  $100***
   NCLEX Examination  $200
   Background check  $55***
 Optional expenses  Nursing pin  $80-300
   Cap and gown** $55

*Each student should have a valid driver's license and is responsible for transportation to and from hospitals and other clinical practice sites in both urban and rural areas. 

**Required if participating in commencement exercises

***Varies if depending upon state applying for licensure

Updated 11/13/2023

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