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College of Nursing


Current Funding

Adams, Swann Arp
Strategies for Communicating the Environmental Risks of Cancer (SCERC). NIH/NCI - $145,105. 2016-2018. Co-PI. (Daniela Friedman, Principal Investigator).

Andrews, Jeannette O.
Leveraging Mental Health Provider Access in Underserved Counties in South Carolina. BlueCross, BlueShield - $931,545. 2015-2018. Principal Investigator.

Jonas Nurse Scholars Program. Jonas Center for Nursing and Veterans Healthcare - $30,000. 2016-2018. Principal Investigator. 

Baliko, Beverly
The Health Occupations Providing Excellence in SBIRTS (HOPES). SAMHSA - $859,320. 2016-2019. Co-investigator. (M. Reitmeier, PI).

Beverung, Susan
Midlands Area Seamless Nursing Academic Progression Model. National Student Nurses' Association Foundation - $25,000. 2015-2017. Principal Investigator.

Brendell, Kathrene
Age of childhood sexual trauma and long term effects. USC Undergraduate Research, Magellan - $3,000. 2017. Mentor. (E. Walsh, awardee).

Burgess, Stephanie
Choose Well Initiative. New Morning Foundation - $946,517. 2017-2020. Principal Investigator.

Advanced Nursing Education Work Force (ANEW). HRSA - $988,502. 2017-2019. Principal Investigator.

Chappell, Katherine
Estrada, Robin D.
Tavakoli, Abbas
Exploring the Effects of Healthcare Communications during the Diagnosis Process for a Deaf/Hard of Hearing Child and Language Development Outcomes. USC Undergraduate Research, Magellan - $3,000. 2017. Mentors. (M. Leppert, Awardee).

Culley, Joan M.
Validating Triage for Chemical Mass Casualty Incidents-A First Step. NIH/NLM - $2,247,747. 2014-2018. Principal Investigator. 

Culley, Joan M.
Adams, Swann A.
Estrada, Robin D. 
An Evidence-Based Evaluation Tool to Assist Health Care Providers in Their Assessment of Effective mHealth Applications for the Management of Chronic Health Conditions.
NIH/NLM - $44,044. 2017-2018. Mentors. (S. Donevant, Awardee). 

DeMello, Madison
Identifying ways to reduce sedentary behavior through wearable technology among breast cancer patients.
USCVPR - $5,000. 2017-2018. Principal Investigator. (Bernardine Pinto - Co-Investigator/Mentor).

Elk, Ronit
Culturally Tailored Goals of Care Conversations at End-of-Life. West Foundation - $2,000. 2016-2017. Principal Investigator.

Culturally Tailored Conversation at EOL:  What African American Patients Want Physicians to Know. USCVPR, ASPIRE I - $10,000. 2016-2017. Principal Investigator.

Positioning USC for Global Prominence in Research on Prevention and Management of Chronic Disease. USCVPR, ASPIRE II - $99,998. 2017-2018. Co-Investigator. (E. Frongillo, PI.)

Community-Engaged Hospitalists' Training. USC Provost - $10,000. 2017-2018. Principal Investigator.

Community-Engaged Hospitalists' Training. West Foundation - $10,000. 2017-2018. Principal Investigator.

Telehealth Palliative Care Connect: A Demonstration Project for Palliative Care Consult in Rural Primary Care Settings. SCDHHS/USC School of Medicine - $200,000. 2017-2018. Principal Investigator. 

Estrada, Robin
A Patient-Centered Asthma Management Communication Intervention for Rural Latino Children. NIH/NHLBI - $722,424. 2017-2022. Principal Investigator. (Sue Heiney – Co-Investigator). 

Felder, Tisha
South Carolina Cancer Health Equality Consortium (SC CHEC) - Subaward. NCI/NIH - $138,810. 2015-2020. Co-Investigator. (M. Ford, PI.)

Improving adherence to adjuvant hormonal therapy among Disadvantaged Breast Cancer Survivors. NIH/NCI - $535,883. 2015-2020. Principal Investigator. (Sue Heiney, Mentor.) 

Heiney, Sue
iCare Interprofessional Collaborative for Avoiding Readmissions through Education. USC Office of the Provost, Research Engagement Collaboratives (REC) - $24,999. Co-Investigator. (T. Browne, PI). 

Heiney, Sue
Adams, Swann
Faith, Activity, and Nutrition:  Dissemination in Underserved Communities - Multi-Level, Community-Clinical Cancer Prevention and Control Interventions. CDC - $1,374,995. 2014-2019. Co-Investigators. (D. Friedman, PI). 

Heiney, Sue
Elk, Ronit
South Carolina - Advancing Diversity in Aging Research (ADAR) Undergraduate Program. NIA/NIH - $1,757,914. 2015-2020. Mentors. (S. Levkoff, PI). 

Hughes, Ronda
South Carolina One Voice One Plan Action Coalition Future of Nursing State Implementation Program. RWJF - $147,221. 2015-2017. Principal Investigator.

READI (Readiness Evaluation and Discharge Interventions): Implementation as a Standard Nursing Practice for Hospital Discharge. ANCC/Marquette University Subaward - $19,143. 2016-2017. Principal Investigator.

McDonnell, Karen Kane
Dyad-based Multiple Behavior Intervention for Reducing Lung Cancer Symptoms. American Cancer Society Mentored Research Grant - $750,000. 2018-2023. Principal Investigator.

Advancing Quality Lung Cancer Survivorship in South Carolina. Bristol Myers Squibb Foundation - $750,000. 2017-2019. Principal Investigator.

Primary Care Nurse Practitioner Perceptions and Lung Cancer Screening Practices - A Qualitative Study. USC Undergraduate Research, Magellan - $3,000. Mentor. (L. Blew, Awardee).

Memorandum of Understanding Between Lung Cancer Alliance and University of South Carolina for Collaboration on a Lung Cancer Support Group. Lung Cancer Alliance - $4,000. 2017-2018. Principal Investigator. (Tamara Church, Co-investigator). 

McKinney, Tena Hunt
Telemental Health Connect (TeleCon): Expanding Collaboration and Comprehensive Service Penetration.
The Duke Foundation - $400,000. 2016-2018. Principal Investigator.

Rural Nursing Workforce:  Current Educational Characteristics and Options for Improvement. 2017-2018 (Revision). Federal Office of Rural Health Policy - $573,000. 2017-2018. Co-Investigator. (J. Probst, PI). 

Messias, DeAnne
ENLACE: A Promotora-Led Physical Activity Intervention Trial for Latinas in Texas. NIH subaward - $95,577. 2012-2017, Consortium PI. (D. Parra-Medina, PI).

Onello, Rachel
Advancing Nursing Education Excellence:  Developing a Statewide Clinical Teaching Academy to Enhance Undergraduate Nursing Education. The Foundation of the National Student Nurses' Association, Inc. - $25,000. 2017-2018. Principal Investigator. Crystal Graham & Kelley Wilson, Co-investigators.

Pinto, Bernardine M.
Promoting Physical Activity in Young Adult Cancer Survivors using mHealth and Adaptive Tailored Feedback Strategies.
NIH subaward through UNC Chapel HIll - $18,702. 2017-2018. Consortium PI. 

Peers Promoting Exercise Adoption and Maintenance among Cancer Survivors. NIH/NCI (R01) - $2,609,417. 2015-2019. Principal Investigator. (Sheryl Mitchell – Co-Investigator). 

Thematic Analysis to Assess Social Support for Exercise among Breast Cancer Survivors. SC Honors College Science & Undergraduate Research Program - $3,000. 2017-2018. Mentor. (E. Richardson, Awardee).

Tavakoli, Abbas
Behavioral Health Care in Army Warrior Transition Units (Year 1). NIH - $740,376. 2014-2019. Statistical Consultant. (N. Wooten, PI).