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College of Nursing

  • Stethoscope Ceremony

Why USC Nursing

Providing Programs & Opportunities of Excellence

At the University of South Carolina, you will experience a learning climate that thrives on mutual respect for others, innovation and excellence. And we do mean Excellence. Our college is in the top one percentile across the nation for NCLEX pass rates. This means that our BSN students have the knowledge, preparation, and readiness to enter the profession of nursing. 

  • Top 1% NCLEX pass rate 
  • 1st Honors College and Nursing partnership in SC
  • 160 faculty
  • 10,938+ alumni in 49 states
  • $789,834 in scholarships, traineeships, departmental support: Summer 2022 - Spring 2023

Our Clinical Simulation Center allows for an an immersive teaching modality that replicates clinical scenarios in realistic practice environments. Through the use of patient simulators, robotics, and other sophisticated teaching tools, nursing students experience clinical scenarios that range from common patient cases to low-frequency, high-risk events. 

Through Interprofessional Educational, health science students have many exciting opportunities to interact, engage and learn about and with their colleagues in health sciences. Aligned with the care team model of most medical settings that is proven to improve patient outcomes, these programs allow students the opportunity to work in teams and address the multifaceted challenges in providing optimal patient care in the dynamic health care arena.

Students are placed in State of the Art Medical Centers conveniently located to USC. 

USC provides resources to support academic success. 

Student led organizations specific for nursing and health care. 

Get To Know Us


The Calling

"I chose USC Nursing because I’ve always known that it’s my calling to help heal people and make a difference in their lives. There’s no place better than UofSC to gain the skills and knowledge to do so." 
- Dakota Bruccoli, freshman


Starting Clinicals

"It's  super gratifying to watch all the courses I've taken so far come into play and support what I'm learning and doing in clinicals. Being able to put all the pieces together and actually use it to take care of real patients is something I've been looking forward to for a long time." 
- Elena Mulligan, junior


Research Opportunities 

"My research interest is the stigma against mental health in African American culture and society, as well as the coping mechanisms. This is my research interest because the topic of mental heath in black culture is very taboo, and education on this topic can improve the overall mental wellness of African Americans."
- Kennedy Golden, sophomore 


Financial Support  

"Receiving financial aid has impacted my college experience and time at USC by relieving some of the financial burden of attending college. The scholarships I have received from the College of Nursing have helped enhance my education, by helping to cover the cost of textbooks and a portion of my tuition."
- Lahsen Grich, senior 

virtual learning

Excellence in Nursing Education During a Pandemic

"The hybrid model due to COVID  helps us feel safe and provides options for students. You can attend via Zoom if you can't be in class face to face. The instructors are doing a phenomenal job at displaying the material on Zoom, and making sure every student's question is answered."
- Class survey, anon 

alumna and dean

Job Security 

"I’m thankful for my Capstone placement. I was offered a job in the same unit as my placement. I credit Capstone for my job security right after college."
- Caelie Kerns, alumna 

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