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USC/ASPH Boilerplate

USC/Arnold School Basic “Boilerplate” Information for Sponsored Award Proposals

The following includes ‘boilerplate’ (basic) information about the University of South Carolina (USC) and the Arnold School of Public Health (ASPH):

  • Use only what you need. Include only the information that is pertinent to your proposal (not the whole thing). Note that there is some information overlap between sections.
  • Be sure to add specific department, lab, equipment, and collaboration information as needed for your proposal and edit out what is not relevant to it.
  • Other UofSC units and external institutions/organizations should be able to supply you with their R&E information upon request.
  • Overview and contact information about other ASPH centers and programs is at:

USC/Arnold School Boilerplate Document [pdf]  - Updated Fall 2023 (Arial 11 pt.)


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