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ASPH implemented a 4-day limit on proposal submissions

ASPH implemented a 4-day limit on proposal submissions.  All proposals must be submitted (in full) in USCERA, using Cayuse or any other sponsored electronic proposal system at least 4 d prior to the agency due-date. This is to ensure enough time so that OoR staff can carefully check proposals for errors, and corrected those prior to submission by SAM.   The suggested lead time for full review is 7-days.

Please ensure the following when submitting applications: 

  1. Submit entire proposal at least 4-d prior to due date. (Note: Failure to do so may result in the submission being rejected for that deadline).Exceptions will only be approved on a case-by case basis, if there is a solid-reason explaining tardiness);
  2. If you have outside collaborators, it is your responsibility to ensure the collaborators (and their respective institutions) provide proper forms (budget, statements of work, list of collaborators, etc.) prior to the 4-d limit.
  3. If you are a Co-I on a proposal, be sure to include (in USCERA) an Excel budget outlining YOUR PROPOSED FUNDS, so if funded, there will be no discrepancies re who-gets-what.