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All University of South Carolina system institutions will be closed through the end of the spring semester. Columbia campus virtual instruction will continue through the conclusion of final exams in May. Details can be found on the coronavirus landing page.

College of Social Work

Faculty and Staff Directory


Faculty/Staff Name Title Secondary Title Phone Email Keywords Department
Staff Aanderud, Lee Information Technology Manager II 803-777-1306 information technology, IT, lee, aanderud
Staff Allen, John IT / Multimedia Web Admin 803-777-6028 Dean's Office
Faculty Andrews, Christina, Ph.D, MSW Associate Professor 803-777-3290 professor, MSW, academic, christina, andrews
Staff Baxter, Jill, M.Ed. Executive Manager 803-777-9820 field, jill, baxter
Faculty Bell, Bethany, Ph.D, MPH Associate Professor 803-777-2801 professor, bethany, bell
Staff Bosio-McArdle, Jennifer, MSW Assistant Director of Field Education 803-777-0383 field, placement, jennifer, bosio, mcardle
Staff Bove, Nancy, CRA Grants Manager 803-777-0555 Grants, nancy, bove
Staff Brown, Analucia Admissions Coordinator, Graduate Admissions 803-777-3599 MSW, Ph.D., admissions, analucia, brown
Faculty Browne, Teri, Ph.D., MSW, NSW-C Associate Dean for Faculty and Research Associate Professor 803-777-6258 professor, academic, teri, browne
Faculty Cagle, Brent, Ph.D., LISW-CP, LCSW Clinical Associate Professor BSW Program Coordinator 803-777-4309 Brent, Cagle, clinical, professor
Staff Carter-Moore, Felissa Assistant Dean for Finance and Administration 803-777-3349 administrative, dean, finance, administration
Faculty Chou, Rita, Ph.D., MSSW Associate Professor 803-777-9265 professor, chou, rita
Staff Christopher, Rebecca , LMSW Field Education Coordinator 803-777-7753 rebecca, christopher, field, education, coordinator
Staff Cook, Lana, MSW Clinical Lecturer 803-777-9469 lana cook, clinical lecturer, college of social work
Staff Cote, Steven Recruitment Coordinator 803-777-3372 steven, cote, recruiter
Faculty DeHart, Dana, Ph.D. Assistant Dean for Research Research Professor 803-777-7867 dean, research, professor, dana, dehart
Faculty DiNovo, Rhonda, LMSW Clinical Assistant Professor / MSW Program Coordinator Coordinator, Graduate Certificate in Drug and Addiction Studies; and Continuing Education in Psychodiagnostics, Psychopathology and Ethics 803-777-9374 Rhonda, DiNovo, Clinical, Professor, MSW Program Coordinator
Faculty Doering-White, John, Ph.D., MSW Assistant Professor 803-777-7252 Doering-White, College of Social Work, Ph.D., MSW
Staff Eggerud, Jillian, LMSW Enrollment Management Specialist 803-777-9453 enrollment, jillian, eggerud
Staff Epps, Ja-Nae Development and Alumni Relations 803-777-7185 development, alumni, events
Faculty Farber, Naomi, Ph.D., MSW, ACSW Associate Professor 803-777-8816 Naomi, Farber, MSW, Program Coordinator
Faculty Flynn, Cynthia, Ph.D. Interim Director, The Center for Child and Family Studies Assistant Research Professor 803-777-1378 Cynthia, Flynn, Child, Family, Studies
Faculty Foster, Kirk, Ph.D., MSW, MDiv Associate Dean for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Associate Professor 803-777-2377 Kirk, Foster, Professor
Faculty Fram, Maryah, Ph.D., MSW Associate Professor Ph.D. Program Coordinator 803-777-5945 Maryah, Fram, Professor
Staff Freedman, Melissa, MSW Assistant Dean of Curriculum and Assessment 803-777-8220 curriculum, accountability, courses, classes
Faculty Gehlert, Sarah, MA, MSW, Ph.D. Dean, College of Social Work President, American Academy of Social Work and Social Welfare 803-777-4886 Sarah Gehlert, Dean, Professor, President, Academy, Social, Work, Welfare
Faculty Grace, Breanne, Ph.D. Assistant Professor 803-777-9911 Breanne, Grace, Professor
Staff Grant, Andre BSW Student Services Program Coordinator 803-777-9258 BSW, student, services, program
Staff Greenwood, DeOnna Assistant to the Associate Dean for Curriculum 803-777-5292 DeOnna, Greenwood, Curriculum, Assistant, Associate
Faculty Hock, Robert, Ph.D., LMSW Associate Professor 803-777-5861 Robert, Hock, Professor
Faculty Iachini, Aidyn, Ph.D., MSW, LSW Associate Professor 803-777-2373 Aidyn, Iachini, Professor
Staff Jackson, Atavia Human Resources Coordinator 803-777-3906 Atavia Jackson, human resources
Faculty Kim, Jaeseung, Ph.D. Assistant Professor 803-777-3701 JaeSeung, Kim, assistant, professor
Staff King, Lauren Bailey Project Manager Lauren, Bailey, King, Project, Manager
Staff Knottek, Lauren, LMSW Recruitment Coordinator 803-777-3702 student, recruiter, admissions
Faculty Levkoff, Sue, ScD, MSW, SM Professor 803-777-4521 Sue, Levkoff, Professor
Staff Montgomery, Victoria Assistant Dean for External Affairs 803-777-9462 victoria, montgomery, executive, assistant, president, AASWSW Dean's Office
Staff Morris, Dale Administrative Assistant 803-777-5291 administrative
Faculty Nallo, Sudie, MSW Clinical Assistant Professor 803-777-9909 Sudie, Nallo, Clinical, Professor
Faculty Ottone, Michael, LISW-CP, CPM Senior Clinical Instructor Coordinator, Dual Degree Programs and Non-Credit Continuing Education Courses 803-777-5563 Michael, Ottone, Clinical, Instructor
Faculty Owens, Shaun, Ph.D., MPH Assistant Professor 803-777-0384 Shaun, Owens, Professor
Faculty Penney, Patrice, MSW, LCSW Clinical Assistant Professor 803-777-9461 Patrice, Penney, Clinical, Professor
Faculty Pitner, Ronald, Ph.D., ACSW Associate Dean for Curriculum Associate Professor 803-777-6797 Ronald, Pitner, Curriculum, Dean, Professor
Faculty Popa-Mabe, Melania , Ph.D. Clinical Assistant Professor 803-777-3906 Melania, Popa-Mabe, clinical, professor
Staff Ragin, Mosetta Student Services Program Coordinator 803-777-6492 Student, Services, Program
Faculty Reitmeier, Melissa, Ph.D., LMSW Director of Field Education / Clinical Associate Professor 803-777-5293 Melissa, Reitmeier, Clinical, Professor, Field, Education
Staff Rodriguez, David MLIS Network and Systems Administrator 803-777-5912 IT, information, technology, MLIS, network, systems
Faculty Roth, Benjamin, Ph.D., MSW Associate Professor 803-777-9352 Benjamin, Roth, Professor
Staff Scott, Michelle, LISW-CP Instructor Greenville Site Coordinator 864-314-8586 michelle, scott, greenville, msw
Faculty Seay, Kristen, Ph.D., MSW Assistant Professor 803-777-4221 Kristen, Seay, Professor
Faculty Shapiro, Cheri, Ph.D. Director, Institute for Families in Society Research Associate Professor 803-777-8760 Cheri, Shapiro, Research, Professor
Staff Singleton, Sonya Assistant Dean for Students 803-777-9436 dean, students
Faculty Sutphin, Suzanne, Ph.D., MA Research Assistant Professor 803-777-8494 Suzanne, Sutphin, Research, Professor
Faculty Webber, Kristina, Ph.D., MSW Clinical Assistant Professor 803-777-9901 Kristina, Webber, Professor
Faculty Wolfer, Terry, Ph.D., MSW Professor 803-777-9486 Terry, Wolfer, Professor
Faculty Woo, Bongki , Ph.D. Assistant Professor 803-777-3511 Bongki, Woo, professor
Staff Wood, Chris, Ph.D. Director of Development 803-777-3902 chris, wood, development
Staff Woodley, Chris Communications Manager 803-777-9434 communications, public relations
Faculty Wooten, Nikki, Ph.D., LCSW-C Associate Professor Coordinator, Social and Behavioral Health with Military Members, Veterans and Military Families Certificate program 803-777-2973 Nikki, Wooten, Professor
Faculty Wright, Margriet de Zeeuw, Ph.D., MSW Clinical Associate Professor Charleston Site Coordinator 803-777-7178 Margriet, de, Zeeuw, Wright, Clinical, Professor
Faculty Xu, Yanfeng, Ph.D., MSW Assistant Professor 803-777-2215 College of Social Work, Yanfeng, Xu, Ph.D., MSW

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