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International Accelerator Program

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Your Guide to International Orientation

Welcome to the University of South Carolina! The next few years here on campus, you will laugh, cry, have success, failures, make lifelong friends and grow as a person. 

But first, let's get through orientation! The International Accelerator Program has a unique orientation that starts the week before classes begin. This allows you to get moved into your dorm, find your classes and get organized before school starts. 

The first people you met will probably be members of the USC IAP team. These people are here to help you navigate through the chaos and to make your first week on campus as comfortable and fun as possible. To find a member of the USC IAP team, look for a garnet shirt with a lantern on the back!

Here's a few tips to help you get started! 

  1. Uber. If you are looking for a quick ride, Uber works well in Columbia and there are usually plenty of drivers working. 
  2. Stay hydrated. Columbia is famously hot, so it is important you are drinking plenty of water. 
  3. Get organized. Passports, phones, wallets, oh my! There are so many things to keep track of. Make sure you stay organized so things don't get misplaced. 
  4. Call your family. They are worrying about you! Make sure you let them know how you are doing. 
  5. Explore. Columbia is your new home! Get to know its people, food and culture by taking some time to wander. 

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