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International Accelerator Program

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Summer Internship Series: Week Six - Deloitte

Finance Major Interns at World Leading Advisory Company 

Qianqiu, a senior, Finance major in the Darla Moore School of Business was able to spend the last summer of her undergraduate studies with Deloitte, a world leading information technology and advisory company.

Deloitte, recently ranked No. 1 in consulting service providers worldwide, hired Qianqiu as an Auditing Intern in her hometown of Beijing. The internship was both rewarding and challenging. She was able to learn new skills, navigate an office environment and work alongside knowledgeable Deloitte employees. 

“Of course, making mistakes is inevitable. Effective communication with colleagues really helped me a lot by expressing my confusions and listening their experiences and viewpoints... People in Deloitte, their passion, and their diligent, responsible attitude, all of these truly encouraged and influenced me." - Qianqiu

While studying at UofSC, Qianqiu participated in the Career Accelerator. This program, available to International Accelerator students, helped prepare her for the professional world. 

Here are the three most important things she says the Career Accelerator taught her... 

"Be confident.
Firm eyes, confident smile and steady step will give interviewers a good impression.

Be clear about your strengths and weaknesses.
You will be more efficient about things you can do during work. And have clear direction about what you need to improve by both self-reflection and learning from others.

Be diligent.
It shows your attitude to your work and yourself." 


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