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International Accelerator Program

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How to be a Full-time International Student and Part-time Employee

Told by Nancy, a sophomore, Exercise Science major from India 

Every Monday morning, I wake up at 6.00AM. After getting ready for classes and work, I leave my apartment at 7.15AM. I leave to have breakfast on-campus. I love Russell House, as it has mostly all the good food locations on-campus. I have breakfast at Einstein Bagels.

I work at Starbucks, Thomas Cooper Library and my Monday shift starts at 8.00AM and ends at 11.30AM. I have been working at Starbucks for more than a year now. After work, I go to Swearingen for my French class. Luckily, on Mondays I only have one class which lasts only for 50 minutes.

After French class, I go for my Career Accelerator Program session from 1.15PM to 2.15PM. It is a great program provided by university only for international students where they can work on their future plans regarding career. After CAP, I have lunch at Panera Bread in Russell House.

I go home at 3PM. Me and my friends go to Walmart to get groceries. Later around 5.30PM, I go to Strom Thurmond Fitness Center to workout. I workout there for almost an hour and half.

I come back home and work on my assignments. I have dinner around 9PM and sleep around 11PM.

Productive day!

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