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Institute for Extreme Semiconductor Chips

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SC Impact

The research conducted by our institutes makes South Carolina the undeniable nationwide hub for the development of these next-generation extreme semiconductor chips. The results of our research  advance other innovative technologies, create more commercial opportunity, further the the public good and boost the economy in our state—and beyond.

World-Changing Research, Right Here in South Carolina

We are spearheading technology innovation that will have profoundly positive impacts for our state, the country and the world with the breakthroughs possible through more durable, efficient and flexible semiconductor chips for commercial and public health technology.

Benefits to the State

The institute's research makes South Carolina the hub across the country for this type of leading computer chip technology and will go far in elevating South Carolina's recognition for being a state where high-tech industry advancements are happening.The research will specifically benefit the state in a few ways:


Leadership in Innovative Technology

This institute makes South Carolina the hub for this kind of innovative chip technology in the country, elevating the state's status for high-tech industry and advancements.

South Carolina has not traditionally been at the top of the list for innovative technology industry. That is changing and the research conducted by this institute will be a big part of that change, particularly in the computing and engineering fields. 

We are researching and designing the future of many technological devices needed for critical industries like healthcare, energy and defense right here at the university and in South Carolina. 

The commercialization of this research through industry applications and partnerships will contribute greatly to the economy of our state and name recognition of South Carolina as the place where this chip research technology began.

Our work and research puts South Carolina on the map in innumerable areas of rapidly advancing technology. Our state will receive new opportunities and recognition by having this world-changing technology right here at the university.

Economic Development and Engagement

Commercial endeavors in our state, from corporate to startup, have this novel semiconductor chip technology available right next door. The chips created by this insitute will allow South Carolina businesses to be first-to-market for many technology advancements and to grow exponentially as result.

The development of these innovative extreme semiconductor chips—from synthesizing of materials to circuits and packaging—all happens in our South Carolina laboratories. We're even opening some of that lab space to startups and research and development teams from commercial enterprises to help make breakthroughs in their products, through the use of our technology. 

A more robust technology economy in South Carolina leads to a more robust workforce. The work we're doing will attract new careers and workforce demand in our state for skilled technologists working with products and application made from our extreme semiconductor chips.

A stronger reputation for technology and innovation will draw and retain more top talent in South Carolina, creating more opportunities in multiple fields throughout the state.

Public Health Advancements

Our work is focused, in large part, on significant technology advancements for public health and the public good. Better medical devices and more efficient energy use are only two ways that our research helps create a healthier, brighter future.

Our extreme semiconductor chips aim to be efficient, more flexible for wearing and more suitable for the types of extreme conditions that better wearable medical technology must withstand.

Already we are targeting chip materials and design that can help make wearable health devices smaller, easier to wear and less clumsy for patients. This goal is especially important for children needing to wear medical devices as part of their treatment.

We are changing the future of public health technology with extreme semiconductor chips to support medical devices and products that create a better standard of care across the state, the nation and the world—and it all starts here in South Carolina.


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