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Institute for Extreme Semiconductor Chips

Public Good Applications

Extreme semiconductor chips offer uses beyond just commercialization. There are many different ways this research can be used to further the public good.

Featured Public Good Applications

Extreme semiconductor chips can be used in a multitude of applications to positively impact the public good in several different areas, including health, defense and energy efficiency.   

Wearable Health Devices

With novel packaging, the extreme semiconductor chips can be integrated with wearable biometric platforms, where sensor flexibility is a key requirement for participant comfort. We've partnered with the Arnold School of Public Health to ensure a flexible chip design that will work well in wearable health devices for children.

Strategic Partner

Arnold School of Public Health, Exercise Science Department


One key application of the research is in the production of Ultraviolet (UV) LEDs and LED lamps. These lamps are the backbone of low-cost, easily deployable disinfection systems.

Strategic Partners

Sensor Electronic Technology Inc. and Nitek Inc.


Future Public Good Applications

We are always considering different commercial applications of our research that could be pursued in the future or with a strategic partner.

  • Modernizing the power grid and making it resilient to environmental challenges as well as outside threats
  • Military electronics that have to operate under high temperatures and radiation fields


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