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Institute for Extreme Semiconductor Chips

Commercial Applications

The institute's cutting-edge research into extreme semiconductor chips results in a myriad of application opportunities for commercial businesses.

Featured Commercial Applications

There are many different ways extreme semiconductors can be used for commercial purposes, such as in power electronics for electric vehicles, solar-blind photodetectors for daytime flame detection, UV LEDs for disinfection in water systems and sterilization, as well as many other real-world applications. 

Air-Water Purification and Bacteria and Virus Mitigation Systems

Availability of high purity extreme semiconductors with controlled electric conduction will lead to highly efficient light emitting diodes (LEDs) and lasers. These ultraviolet light sources have proven to be highly effective in killing bacteria and viruses such as COVID.

Strategic Partner

Sensor Electronics Technology Inc (SETi)

Power Converters

One key commercial application of the extreme chips developed in the institute will be in power converters for computers and electric cars.


Future Commercial Applications

We are always considering different commercial applications of our research that could be pursued in the future or with a strategic partner.

  • High performance microelectronics for electric vehicles functioning at temperatures more than 250 C
  • Short wavelength lasers to replace excimer lasers


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