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Education Abroad Office

USC Students Spend Summer Abroad

Global education is year-round, and this year the Education Abroad Office is excited to partner with various academic departments to offer 36 Maymester and summer Global Classroom programs. Global Classroom programs are led by USC faculty and staff, and students have the opportunity to receive USC course credit overseas by participating in these programs. This year’s programs cover a wide variety of topics, and participants will travel to 29 different countries. Some of the 2016 program offerings include:

Comparing Health Professions in Ireland, led by Barbara Cuevas, instructor and Undergraduate Director for Exercise Science, is a program designed to give students experience in a variety of healthcare settings with a different cultural lens. Students will shadow professionals in various healthcare setting in Ireland so that they may compare and contrast these settings to those in the United States.

A History of Sport Culture, led by Jim Mensch, clinical associate professor of Physical Education & Athletic Training, gives students the opportunity to learn about sports medicine, history, and culture as it pertains to the people and athletes of Australia. Dr. Mensch has previously led a program of the same name in Greece and Italy.

Media and Culture of the Mideast, led by Van Kornegay, associate professor and sequence head of visual communications in the School of Journalism and Mass Communications, will take students to Muscat, Oman to expose students to the culture and media practices of the Mideast. USC alumni currently in Oman will help enhance the program’s cultural immersion aspect.

 Art and Culture of Japan, led by Amanda Wangwright, assistant professor of art history, and Mary Robinson, associate professor of studio art, offers students the opportunity to study Japanese art and architecture through site visits, workshops and museum tours. Students will also experience Japanese culture through authentic meals and a Buddhist temple stay.

In addition to the programs highlighted above, 2016’s Maymester and Summer Global Classroom Programs are:

  • Business in Latin America – Argentina and Chile (Frank Rydzewski)
  • Introduction to the Environment – San Jose, Costa Rica (Joe Jones)
  • London Fashion: From Runway to Hallway – London, England (Katherine Burnsed)
  • Delicious France: The Art of French Cuisine – Paris, France (Amanda Dalola)
  • Business in Germany – Multi-City in Germany (Mark Ferguson)
  • Multimedia Maymester in Munich – Multi-City in Germany (Scott Farrand)
  • Next Energy: Energy and Sustainability in Germany – Multi-City in Germany (Ed Gatzke)
  • Teaching English in Saxony-Anhalt – Saxony-Anhalt, Germany (Lara Ducate)
  • Business in Greece – Multi-City in Greece (Tom Hughes)
  • Iceland: A Cultural Inquiry – Reykjavik, Iceland (Jean Weingarth)
  • Marketing Communications in Italy – Multi-City in Italy (Courtney Worsham)
  • Global and Multicultural Perspectives on Education – Reggio Emilia, Italy (Angela Baum)
  • Italian Music in Italy: Orfeo Music Festival – Vipiteno, Italy (Janet Hopkins)
  • Business in Japan – Multi-City in Japan (Yoshi Sakakibara)
  • Exploring Global Business in the Netherlands – Amsterdam, the Netherlands (Doug Woodward)
  • European Sport Events – Amsterdam, the Netherlands (Steven Taylor)
  • Business in New Zealand – Multi-City in New Zealand (Melayne McInnes)
  • Business in Norway – Multi-City in Norway (Christian Jensen)
  • Tracing the Holocaust in Eastern Europe – Poland, Ukraine and Germany (Ted Rosengarten)
  • Business in Europe – Slovakia, Hungary, Austria and Czech Republic (David Ricks)
  • Global Marketing Strategy in Spain – Multi-City in Spain (Randall Rose)
  • Business in Africa – Botswana and Zambia (Robert Rolfe)
  • Taiwan Summer Program in Taichung – Taichung, Taiwan (Mahmud Khan)
  • Exploring Social Problems and Social Work in Vietnam – Hanoi, Vietnam (Huong Nguyen)
  • Special Topics in International Nursing – Multi-City in Australia (Deb McQuilken)
  • Spanish Language Study Abroad in Costa Rica – San Jose, Costa Rica (Ana Cueto)
  • French Language Study Abroad – Multi-City in France (Daniela Di Cecco)
  • Summer Study in Wittenberg – Wittenberg, Germany (Lara Ducate)
  • Spanish Language Study Abroad in Spain– Bilbao, Spain (Leah Miller)
  • Cultural History and Geography in Latin America – Argentina and Uruguay (Jim Byrum)
  • MSN Maymester Service in Ecuador – Ecuador (Tom Wall)
  • London Law Maymester – London, England (Martin McWilliams)


To learn more about Global Classroom programs, and the different program types available, visit Compare Programs. To learn more about the specific programs mentioned above, visit Choose Your Destination and search for the program.

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