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The University of South Carolina Education Abroad Office Receives 2019 IIE Seal of Excellence


The University of South Carolina Education Abroad Office was awarded the Institute of International Education (IIE) Seal of Excellence for achieving their Generation Study Abroad goals. 

 The award commemorates IIE’s Generation Study Abroad initiative, launched in 2014, to increase and diversify students through study abroad by doubling the number of U.S students studying abroad by the end of the decade. 

 The University of South Carolina is among 28 U.S. colleges and universities recognized for their strategic commitments to the Generation Study Abroad initiative and achievement in increasing the number of U.S. students studying abroad from their campus. Vice Provost and Director of Global Carolina, Paul Allen Miller says, “This award recognizes the University of South Carolina as one of the nation’s preeminent institutions for international education.” 

According to IIE's Open Doors  annual data for 2017-18, the UofSC Education Abroad Office is recognized for their first appearance on the Top 25 Leading Institutions by Study Abroad Total list, ranking 24th.  UofSC also moved up 8 spots from the previous year to 24th among the Top 40 Doctorate Granting Universities in sending total number of students abroad. UofSC ranked 14th for mid length duration and 20th for long term duration abroad. 

Additionally, the UofSC Education Abroad Office, as reported by the Auburn University Internationalization Lab for Study Abroad data, ranking 3rd in the SEC with 31.94% graduating undergraduate students who studied abroad. 

 “Study abroad advisors work with the student to identify their goals for their study abroad experience. This helps the student to enter the study abroad process with more focus, more well-managed expectations, and better equipped to take advantage of all that a study abroad experience can offer,” explained Assistant Director of Study Abroad Advising,  Chrissie Faupel.                                           

The University of South Carolina Education Abroad Office has increased the overall number of students participating in study abroad by 30 percent since the IIE’s initiative launched in 2014. In the 2013-2014 academic year, University of South Carolina had 1,653 students study abroad, while in the 2017-2018 year, 2,144 students participated in study abroad programs. Many of these students participated in multiple study abroad opportunities throughout the years. 

 As a leading institution providing study abroad services, Director of Study Abroad, Magdalena Grudzinski-Hall, credits the award recognition to all the hard work that has been accomplished over the last 5 years in achieving IIE’s Generation Study Abroad goals. “This award is a compilation of the dedication and devotion of our Global Gamecock community to the field of education abroad.” But it doesn’t stop here, says Grudzinski-Hall, “We slowly climbed to our goal and hope to hold at this number or expand on it in the years to come. We are not yet at our capacity for study abroad.” Looking to the future of study abroad at the university, Grudzinski-Hall says “this is a great example of what we, via Global Carolina, can  accomplish in the field of international education.” 

 For those interested in facilitating or participating in study abroad please visit:

 UofSC Education Abroad Office 

 About UofSC Study Abroad:

The mission of the Education Abroad Office at UofSC is to support the goals of the Global Carolina initiative and serve the university community by engaging in global partnerships and providing accessible, safe and high-quality international experiences for students that enhance their academic, personal and cultural learning. 

 For more information contact:

Nadia Tucker


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