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Testimonials from Abroad

We are living in an unprecedented time. But as Gamecocks, we know that we are made of boundless resilience. The Education Abroad Office cares about the health and safety of our students and we are here to support them through this crisis and beyond. For decades, we have been providing students with experiences that have positively impacted their lives, their families, and their careers. We promise to continue to tell your amazing stories. So please, keep sharing your pictures and your stories with us. We will show our Gamecock community the boundless resilience that we are made of.

We're all in this together.

Amid the news and concern over COVID-19, I wanted to preemptively tell the university how pleased, relieved and satisfied I am that the school is taking a fact-based, sensible approach to current study abroad programs. I consider her continued placement to be very good for her in every way, from academics to health. Thank you for continuing an intelligent analysis as decisions are made. We have a serious situation at hand, but panic won't help, and our students' well-being includes not disrupting any programs unnecessarily.

-Haley Gorenberg  (Parent of a student who studied in Chile)

Donny Place sitting in front of scenery in Scotland

Donny Place - Location: Scotland  

"I mean the opportunity to go to another country is just a really awesome experience and you get to meet really cool people. Studying abroad definitely makes you think differently as you learn in a different style, but non academically it allows you to travel and see the world outside the us and get introduced to ideas and thoughts and cultures that you might not otherwise experience.”

girl with scenic view of Italy behind her

Skyla Lewis -  Location:  Italy

"I was in Florence, Italy for about a month before we were asked to leave and it was the best month of my life. I think my biggest thing to realize about the whole situation is that I might not have gotten the entire time abroad, but I got one month, and that’s more than most people could imagine so for that I’m thankful. Italy and its people are what I’ll miss the most, in just one month the people of Florence made it feel like a second home."

a student standing in front of the city in Chile

Zoe Gorenberg Screwvala - Location: Chile

"I would encourage any STEM major to study abroad if you can! Whether you’re studying to be a geoscientist (as I am) or a doctor or an engineer, it is illuminating to put your studies and potential career in a global perspective. I happened to be the first UofSC student studying with the School for Field Studies, in its Chile program that was itself in its first year. There were certainly challenges to being among this first group of U.S. students in Puerto Natales, but I’m grateful for the opportunities I had to interact with the culture and landscape of Patagonia as both a student and a traveler.”

Kali Gibbons standing in the dessert in Australia

 Kali Gibbons - Location: Australia

"Studying abroad in Australia is something that I have been planning on doing for years, and it was a dream come true to be able to spend 2 months in Melbourne this semester. It was really incredible having this opportunity to travel to a country that I otherwise probably would have never made it to! I loved getting to make friends from all around the world, immerse myself in a new culture and environment, and have the chance to learn so much about myself, in just this short amount of time. Australia was truly the adventure of a lifetime, and I couldn’t be more grateful for the time I spent there! "

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Taylor Stoia - Location: Italy

“I loved studying abroad and this situation could have been so bad if it wasn't for the help of USC. I still had the time to experience 5 countries, meet an endless amount of different people, and take risks I would have never taken! The adventures I had abroad will be my favorite memories through my life and I'm so happy I can sit at home safe now and reminisce on what an amazing time those 2 months really were."

three girl students in front of a castle

Ashleigh Rufty - Location: United Kingdom

“Swansea is great, I really enjoy it here. Wales is a beautiful country and I am really glad that I decided to study here compared to somewhere in England. I have been able to make friends from all over the world which has been amazing. Everyone here is so nice and helpful; the pride that they have in being Welsh is so wonderful to see. I watched my first rugby match this weekend between England and Wales (which is the biggest rivalry) and even though Wales lost everyone was quite jovial and just excited to cheer on their fellow countrymen."

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