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Financial Aid and Scholarships

Transient Student Aid

Transient students attend other schools to take advantage of course offerings. You are considered a transient student if you are a University of South Carolina student but you earn credit at another college or university. This includes all University of South Carolina campuses except University of South Carolina Fort Jackson.

To be a transient student, you must receive approval from your academic advisor to ensure that the classes taken at the other school will transfer to your program of study at UofSC. In addition to this, the school where you plan to earn credits must participate in a consortium agreement with UofSC. A consortium agreement allows you to receive financial aid from UofSC while you attend the other school. A dedicated staff member will work on your behalf to obtain the agreement from your host school. If this is currently your first semester at UofSC, you are ineligible for transient study.

All UofSC campuses participate in the consortium process. If the school that you are interested in attending does not, we will notify you. If your home school is not UofSC, you should contact your school’s financial aid office for the processing of your aid. Our office does not process financial aid for students who are not enrolled in a degree-seeking program at UofSC.

As a transient student, certain awards are excluded from use in paying your tuition and fees. Transient students are not eligible to receive Federal Work-Study or a State Need-Based Grant.

Transient Student Financial Aid Checklist 

Determine if there are any unsatisfied requirements on SSC. If aid has been awarded for the year, determine if you will need to apply for additional assistance in the form of student loans (PLUS, Graduate PLUS or private loans).

Complete the Transient Prescreen Form online. You can upload the Special Enrollment Request Form within the Transient Prescreen Form. View our Forms page to obtain the Transient  Prescreen Form for the appropriate year. 

Funds are disbursed from UofSC eight days before classes begin. If the bill at your transient school is due prior to UofSC's disbursement, you will need to make payment arrangements. UofSC cannot hold classes at another institution. 

If you owe charges to UofSC, funds will not be sent until the bill is paid in full. 

Monitor Your Aid and Ensure Fund Receipt
View SSC to ensure that funds have been sent to the school. For questions regarding transfer of funds to the school if your funds have not arrived within a week, students may contact our office to request tracking information on the check that was sent. If a refund exists, the transient school will disburse the funds to you. Your school may contact you for check endorsement.


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