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Financial Aid and Scholarships

Completing the Hire

Both on campus employers and off campus employers must complete a comprehensive list of mandatory items.

On-Campus Employers (EPAF)

The hiring department must complete the following items identified on the EPAF hire screen. Please do not omit any of these items:

  • Home Department: Enter the number of the hiring department.
  • Begin Date: The date appearing in this space is the earliest date the award can be used. This may be changed to the actual hiring date (but not earlier than date of award).
  • End Date: The award cannot be used after this date. The date may be changed to an earlier date by the hiring department; however, the date cannot be extended.
  • Job Number: Enter the position/job number of the position that the student will fill. Enter the complete number (not just the last two or three digits).
  • Student Type: Select the appropriate class code from the pull down box. Work-study class codes are as follows:
      • 51422 - undergrad student
      • 51424 - non-enrolled student (valid only during summer semesters)
      • 51425 - graduate student filling an assistantship position
      • 51426 - graduate student NOT working in an assistantship position
  • Hourly Rate: Enter the hourly pay rate student will be paid.
  • Check Distribution and Time Card Distribution: Fill in department number if different from home department number.
  • Campus: Select Columbia from the pull down box.
  • Department and Fund Number: Enter the appropriate account to be charged.
  • Percent: 025.000000 should be entered here.
  • Supervisor Information: Supervisor SSN, class code and slot#
  • Contact: Enter department contact name.
  • Hrs/Week: This field is hard coded as 40.0; this is set by payroll and cannot be changed. Students may not work more than 20 hours per week when classes are in session.

Off-Campus Employers 

The hiring department for off-Campus employers, including Community Service and Carolina Reads, must complete a different process through PeopleSoft as of April 1. 

  • Position Classification Number: Enter the position classification number of the position that the student will fill.
    Carolina Reads job # has been completed by the Financial Aid Office. 
  • Employing Department Name: Enter the name of the agency where the student will work.
  • Department Contact: Enter the name of the agency contact person to be called if questions arise. The students supervisor may be listed as the contact person's name if preferred.
  • Contact Phone Number: Enter the phone number of the agency's contact person.
  • I-9 Form: Please check the appropriate statement.
  • Hourly Rate: Enter the hourly rate the student will be paid.
    Carolina Reads pay rate has been completed by the Financial Aid Office.
  • Signature/Date: To be signed by the authorized agency contact person. The student does not sign this form.

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