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Financial Aid and Scholarships

Completing the Hire

Both on campus employers and off campus employers must complete a comprehensive list of mandatory items.

On-Campus Employers (EPAF)

The hiring department must complete the following items identified on the EPAF hire screen. Please do not omit any of these items:

  • Use Work Study: Select Yes
  • Begin Date: The date appearing in this space is the earliest date the award can be used. This may be changed to the actual hiring date (but not earlier than date of award).
  • End Date: The award cannot be used after this date. The date may be changed to an earlier date by the hiring department; however, the date cannot be extended.
  • Job Code:
      • SFWR Undergraduate Work Study
      • SFHG Grad Work Study-No Assistantship
      • SFWG Grad Work Study-Grad Work Study with Assistantship
      • SFNG Grad Work Study-Summer NonEnroll
      • SFNG Ugrad Work Study-Summer NonEnroll
  • Internal Title: Student's Job title
  • Campus: SCCOL
  • Department: Your department code
  • Location: Your department code address
  • Supervisor ID: Supervisor information, ID and class code
  • Employee Type: Part time for student workers
  • Standard Hours: Students may not work more than 20 hours per week when classes are in session
  • Student Type: Select the appropriate class. 

Account Funding information for FWS will automatically appear when "Use FWS" when "Yes" is selected. You must enter your account funding information.  

Off-Campus Employers 

The hiring department for off-campus employers, including Community Service and Carolina Reads, must complete a different process. All off-campus employers  will receive a Federal Work-Study Off-Campus Hire From from their student worker to complete and return. You must fill out the following:

  • Pay Rate - maximum is $15.00
  • Hours Per Week - no more than 20 hours per week
  • Contact Information -  supervisor's name
  • Email address
  • Signature 
  • Date

Students cannot begin employment until  the employer receives confirmation from the financial aid office.

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