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International Student and Scholar Support

J-1 Extensions, Amendments, and Transfers


If a J-1 exchange visitor needs more time than given on the initial DS-2019, an extension can be requested here.


Please note that the J-1 Program Regulations require the J-1 Exchange Visitor’s original objective to remain the same throughout his/her entire program.  Therefore, changes which represent a deviation from the J-1 Exchange Visitor’s original program objective/research topic are not likely to be approved.  Changes that do not represent a deviation from the program object are permissible but must be approved by ISSS BEFORE the change is effective.  In general, amendments to the following are permissible: site of activity, funding source/amount, pay status, position type, supervisor, department.

  • Check whether J-1 is eligible for the proposed amendment based on the maximum length of stay for his/her J-1 category.
  • UofSC Hosting Department completes a J-1 Scholar Amendment request.
    • Required support documents for amendments are listed below:
      • Proof of current and future insurance for J-1 and any J-2 dependents
      • Any documentation related to the change (e.g. new invitation letter if faculty host has changed, new proof of funding if funding source changed, etc.)

Transfers to USC

The transfer process is used when a J-1 is already in the U.S. at another sponsor and wants to continue his/her J-1 program at USC. 

  • Please note that ISSS cannot issue a DS-2019 for a J-1 transfer unless the current program sponsor agrees to release the J-1 to USC and until the transfer effective date arrives. 
  • A J-1 must be eligible for a transfer as well and complete transfer out procedures at the current J-1 sponsor.  Thus it is important for the academic department to discuss a potential transfer with ISSS and for the J-1 to discuss their transfer plans with the international office at their current institution to ensure the transfer is possible prior to either the department or J-1 scholar taking action or making decisions such as signing a lease or making a job offer.

For a J-1 scholar to transfer, the academic department needs to

  1. Confirm eligibility criteria for the proposed J-1 category
  2. Determine reasonable transfer effective date. This is often coordinated with the UofSC department, ISSS, and the department and international office of the transferring out institution.
    • USC hiring procedure takes additional time so for individuals who will be paid by USC, the department should begin their process even earlier in order to be able to submit the request including an approved hiring action to ISSS at least 90 days in advance of the proposed start date.
  3. Department HR representative or Personnel Representative begins J-1 Initial Scholar request by emailing the following documents toISSS:
    • Submitted by Department:
      • Copy of invitation letter (unpaid positions) or official UofSC offer letter (paid positions)
      • Proof of completed hiring approval for paid positions
    • Submitted by Scholar:
      • Copy of passport biographical page(s) for potential J-1 and any accompanying dependents
      • Copy of J-1’s CV/Resume in English
      • Proof of funding
      • Copies of DS-2019s issued to potential J-1 in last 3 years
  4. The J-1’s current institution should be notified of the requested transfer by the J-1 scholar and will need to approve the request.

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